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Have you ever hosted a MURDER MYSTERY PARTY?

Asked by deni (22831points) 1 month ago

My birthday is coming up and I never do anything exciting for it. Especially this year, things are so weird, but I have been wanting to do a murder mystery party for years. I have found a few websites where you can purchase all the necessary items – like the characters and story line mostly, I guess. But there are lots of sites to choose from, and without purchasing yet I am not totally sure how they work. My friends and I all love themed parties, so this is perfect. We want to do a Wild West themed one, which I have seen on several sites, but I just wondered if anyone has any personal experience. I am so stoked on this idea, any input is welcome!

If it matters, I would probably “host” it and not really partake, and it would be a group of ten, not including myself.

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I didn’t host, but I did participate in a friends game.
I didn’t care for it. Some of the players got quite rude.

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You could do a Cardassian version.
Everyone is guilty, and the challenge is figuring out exactly who is guilty of what crime.

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Yes, I have. I’ve actually hosted four and participated in one more. It’s really fun and the games I used were self-explanatory. Unfortunately they’re in German, otherwise I’d link.

Anyway. I would pick one with a theme people understand implicitly. Wild West seems fun. I hosted a fairytale dinner, one with random rich people, another called “Golden 20s in Prague”, and a “Pirates cruising the Caribbean” one. The latter two were the most enjoyable. I went all in on decorations for the pirates theme – colourful tablecloth, a halved watermelon as a serving bowl (for watermelon balls), old candles dripping wax over dusty bottles, treasure maps (seared on the edges), pirate flags, silver bowls, sand, coconut shells…decorations that set the scene help tremendously. Very soon, we were bashing our glasses together in true pirates spirit. We broke two.

It’s important to gather people who are really into it. They don’t need to be great actors, but they should definitely enjoy playing a role.

Be aware that whatever dinner you’re making should not be taking up your attention once you start the game. Anything you can make ahead or buy ready, do! For our pirates theme we had mostly finger food or things I was able to make ahead. That worked out great. Even checking on the oven tends to feel like a big interruption, with too many of those it can be hard for everyone to get back into their characters afterwards. You can ask Fluther for party food ideas.

If at all possible, take part. It can be weird to have participants that don’t have their own role. Also, it’s your birthday. You’ll have so much more fun!

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Never have.
Perhaps if I coerce invite a scattering of users here to my place, then we’re in business!

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No, but it sounds fun. Happy birthday!

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I haven’t, the closest I’ve seen were on Big Bang Theory and seemed really fun. Also, maybe since it’s your birthday, your bestie or partner could host so you could be in on the ‘fun’ more!

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That was a follow up question, my best friend did volunteer to host it, but I was undecided whether or not I should take her up on it! @longgone Have you participated in all of the ones you’ve hosted?

I’d also like to note this is a group of 10 pretty close friends and we have spent a lot of time together, mostly on outdoor trips and game night gatherings so I think that will help in making it more cohesive and fun.

Also @longgone were all of your guests involved in the mystery? The one I’m looking to buy is 10 people and i think because of Covid thats a fine amount. I would invite more if it weren’t weird in the world right now, but I think I’ll limit it to 10 and not invite anyone else that won’t be participating. How did you do it?

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@deni Yes, we always made it so that everyone could participate. Once, when we were a character short, we split a role into two. “Sarah-Jane” became twin sisters “Sarah” and “Jane”, both reading the same material, dressed in the same outfit…if anything, that created some bonus fun.

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No, but let’s have one right here!

Who killed the radio star?! ;-o

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Video. Duh!

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And yet video hasn’t even been prosecuted. Radio star lives matter!

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Trevor “Buggles” Horn should’ve been prosecuted for crimes against music!

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