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What were your biggest home DIY jobs during lockdown?

Asked by diydaddy50 (4points) July 2nd, 2020

For me it was gardening, though what house jobs did you get more involved in during the pandemic lockdown?

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Gardening for me too.
I practically lived in the place & it looks all the better for it.
Enjoyed the graft, most rewarding.

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I built a garden shed and a couple of guitar amplifiers. Also a small koi pond. My yard is perfect now.

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Tending to my garden and lawn, but I do that anyway.

My husband and I fixed a TV cable connection ourselves that I doubt we would have done if covid was not around.

I also made face shields. Not a DIY for the house, but still a DIY.

A lot of my friends are painting the interior of their houses.

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Trying to come up with tile designs to make for a backsplash, gardening and ideas for a bathroom remodel.

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My wife created a garden (first time in 20+ years) and has been doing well with it. She’s also done lots of yard work.

We painted the kitchen and are tackling my daughter’s bedroom this weekend. Hoping to keep painting all of the interior. The office is next.

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Replacing rear screen door with storm door, installing storm door on front door, replacing water heater. And that is enough!

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I decided to open the master bedroom bathroom window that had been shut since we got siding put on in 1991. It has been painted over a couple of times since.
With a lot of effort I got it open but broke the storm window in the process. Now it’s held together with a large “X” of clear shipping tape.
I really should have left well enough alone.

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Oh, nice thread here guys. Well…. so as for me, I tried to make a chicken coop by myself and I completely failed at it… After I decided to read some articles on the Internet about them like this one, compared different variants thanks to it there and just bought the best one on Amazon… Anyway it was a nice and very funny experience for sure, yeah.

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