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Describe your driving in tones that can be believed?

Asked by ucme (50037points) July 3rd, 2020

Be honest!
Don’t query the wording of the question either, it really doesn’t matter lol

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Can’t parallel park.

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My 19 year old is a better driver than I am.

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Smooth as a baby’s bottom, aggressive as the prime minister going after Brexit.

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Per Jan & Dean, I’m The Little Old Lady From Pasadena!!!

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Not perfect but way better than most. (And I have a CDL!)

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In my 50 years of driving I only received one speeding ticket when i turned on an off ramp and couldn’t slow down the vehicle enough for that “exit ramp” speed.

Since then I have been an excellent driver as I always go 5 miles under the limit anyways.

Also read on defensive driving and thus avoid accidents.

Only minus..I hate parallel parking so I go around the block to avoid it.

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There’s a war going on on our roads. 30 to 40 thousand people are killed each year In motor vehicle accidents. Many more severely and permanently injured.
No one seems to care.
Anyway. My driving:
I know how to turn left in an intersection (most drivers don’t).
I come to a complete stop at stop signs (most drivers don’t).
When the signal is red, I make a complete stop before making a right turn. (most drivers don’t).
I use the 2 to 3 second rule when following other cars on the highway. Other drivers tend to follow too close.
I drive defensively. Other drivers seem to be out to kill themselves and others.

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Learned to back up a trailer at 14, I can parallel park a trailer with a “spotter” at the rear.

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