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“I appreciate you.” When was the last time you said this?

Asked by Jonsblond (5945points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

As asked.

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I have never said that, but I do tell people in stores when I am there that they are doing a good job.

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Just before the Covid19.

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I have not used that expression but I will start. if it’s appropriate. (I don’t want to sound like a creeper.)
I have thanked the workers at the gorcery store when I can. usually say something like “Thanks for being here.”

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I think a heartfelt “Thank you” stands in its place.
So lots of times.

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I don’t say that expression, but I thank people and tell them how much I appreciate what they do (when they do something) and say things like I would be upset if I moved away and didn’t see them if we see each other a lot. If we live far apart, still how grateful I am for them. I say all sorts of things to convey how much I appreciate what they do, and appreciate their simple presence in my life.

To my husband I acknowledge when he does something very thoughtful, and I tell him constantly that I love being together. I ask him for help and thank him. I compliment and acknowledge little things he does to help me without me having to ask.

I’m a big acknowledgement person. I’m not good on the please part, but I’m huge on the thank you part.

I probably fall a little short with my parents and sister.

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Within the last week. I say this both to my husband and my best friend.

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I don’t use that phrase. I don’t like it. I think it’s stupid. Just my opinion, because I know it’s very trendy right now and a lot of people say it in real life, on TV and on the internet. I will say thank you, or other kind things.

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I am with @jca2 on this, it sounds stilted and awkward to me. I prefer to say thank you with thanks for a specific thing, like “thanks for bringing the Pellegrino” or “thanks for making dinner tonight.:”

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The equivalent of that, yesterday, to three different people for various reas9ns.

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Today, just now.
It’s my daughter’s 21st Birthday.
I appreciate her like you wouldn’t believe :-)

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I frequently tell that to my wife.

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I tell my husband and daughter all the time. I’m not going out very often now; but when I do, I always thank the cashier for coming to work every day and having such a good attitude. Now, if the attitude sucks, I just thank them for showing up to work so I could buy my necessities

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I’m with @zenvelo, more specifically stating what I’m thankful for. “Thank you for inviting us” or “We had a great time. Thanks again.”

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It’s not an expression i use. I’ll say “great job” or “I’m glad we’re friends” or something specific thanking them for a favor or for specific qualities they have.

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I say “I appreciate it” fairly often, but not “I appreciate you”. I can’t remember ever having uttered it.

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I say it often to my spouse.

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I use this phrase fairly often before the pandemic. Usually with loved ones. I don’t think people feel appreciated enough.

Also while it’s a bit socially awkward, I think there’s an honesty to it that’s missing in more socially acceptable and automatic responses like “please” and “thank you”.

I don’t use this in a pandemic context. In those situations, I just says thanks.

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Oh…and to answer the actual question. I said this last night to the 4yo as she helped me clear the dinner table.

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I tell people I appreciate an action they have done, such as holding a door for me. I have had people do nice things for me and I tell them I appreciate those things. But I don’t say I appreciate the person.

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@ucme Happy Birthday to lil ucme. :)

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@Jonsblond Cheers!
I will pass on your kind regards to Rebecca :-)
Jeez, where does the time go?

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@ucme You’ll be a grandpa soon!!!

@LuckyGuy I get the feeling that you wouldn’t come off as a creeper even IF you were trying!!!

@Jonsblond I appreciate you asking this Q because I’m finding that a lot of people have forgotten to even consider it. I do my best to say thank you to anyone who has done something nice to/for me. I did it before the pandemic & I continue to do so now,

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^Thank you. :)

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I did something last Saturday that I decided I needed to apologize to my 8 year old grand daughter for. So I did.
She said “Oh that’s ok.” I told her I appreciated that and thanked her.

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@Dutchess_lll: To me, saying “I appreciate that” or “I appreciate the work you did” is different than saying “I appreciate you.”

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