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What little things are you doing to smooth life around the edges for people in your orbit?

Asked by Jeruba (51916points) July 12th, 2020

Everybody who has a case of covid fatigue (and who doesn’t?) is likely to be a bit irritable by now, if not downright crabby. Where I am, we’re at day 118 of “shelter in place,” with no end in sight.

And some of were already coping with a lot.

There are so many little ways that we can just lighten things up for other people as we go along (and they for us).

What do you do?

Anything more than you’d normally do?

And what are others doing for you?

One thing I wish I could do is round up everybody who thinks this is a good time to be abrasive, mocking, and goading, stuff them in a paper bag, staple it shut, and drop them off a bridge rail.

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My wife and I are the primary care people for her elderly mother and my elderly aunt, so it’s really just an expansion of what we were doing for them before COVID-19.

Groceries, prescriptions, doctor visits, etc. we also pay for hone health aid and laundry services for my MIL, but my aunt’s not quite there yet.

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I wear a mask in public.

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Attempting not to be obnoxious online or in person. Cutting down on the snark?

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I am a member of an online group of mature gay men. I actively try to cultivate gentleness in the group by giving thorough responses to news of events and questions. I think I’ve helped a few members with some serious issues.

In my community, I wear a mask at all times in public, and I don’t complain about it. I practice patience, and I don’t toot my own horn about it.

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There is a small group of us, not planned, just happened, that do for each other. Picking up a thing or two if we run an errand, passing around treats if we bake, stuff like that. It’s nice.

I wear the mask anyway, I distance anyway, the rest is extra.

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@Jeruba I like the fantasy of retaliation. Made me laugh out loud.

I have two friends where I live that we phone and text a lot and we let each other know items we can’t find in the supermarket and we all keep an eye out for each other to buy the items for each other. One of them I could not love more. If anything she takes the edge off for me probably more than I do for her. Her sister once told me that she has a very calming way about her. It’s so true.

A bunch of my friends, we tell each other about zumba zoom, and discussion topic zoom.

There are small groups doing water aerobics, driveway zumba, and driveway line dance. I let people know what I find out that they might be interested in if there is space for more people. It’s very controlled.

I call my mom and dad a lot more than usual.

I’ve talked to a few people who I haven’t talked to in years.

I’ve been trying to consistently make meals for my husband, and trying some new recipes. I’m usually a little lazier about it, but not going to restaurants is starting to wear on us.

Some days on Facebook I try to stick to happy things. Tips about cooking or repairing things. Scenic photos. Funny videos. Hopefully, it brightens someone’s day for at least a moment.

If you are on Facebook join View From My Window. Some of the scenery from around the world is incredible! Views of Greece, Italy, Dubai, all of Europe, all over the Americas, Asia, some of the photos take your breath away. People tell stories about being locked down for covid, or why they are living where they are. It’s not always amazing views, sometimes it’s someone who is struggling and living in a difficult situation. You get to “Like” the photo or say hello, and be supportive or just tell them you love the view, and write what country you are writing from.

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I find, that no things, are little. In this case.
A call, from my brothers/friends. A simple text. A PM, from another jelly.
Kindness, to a stranger.

It ALL helps…

For those of us, who live alone, a simple gesture, is helpful…

It will take the strength of all of us, to get through this.

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I work in a deli in a grocery store. I’m always upbeat and positive regardless of the situation.

Something I’ve noticed since Covid is the appreciation I receive. A phrase I’ve never heard from customers until now is “I appreciate you.” I hear it daily and it makes my day.

@janbb I appreciate you. :)

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I keep a bunch of juice containers, in my refrigerator, just in case my diabetic neighbors blood sugar goes low.

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Month five of SAH for me.
I wear a mask for my once a week grocery store trip.
If I see any odd social media posts, I reach out to listen or offer support.
Like someone said above, I’m cutting out most politics and negativity as much as possible, because suicide and depression are rising dramatically.
I keep in daily contact with two family members to make sure they aren’t getting too depressed since they both have that tendency.
I’m going out of my way to be more kind to my husband and choosing my battles very carefully.
If a community member posts a need I can help with, I set up a no-contact pick up time and leave items in my car port. This community is amazing to each other in trading garden veggies and produce, eggs, etc…I appreciate it more as time passes.

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