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In general, how decisive can you be, do you stick to your guns & trust your gut?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 3 weeks ago

Or did you dither like a bashful bird & duck out of answering like the twisty turny thing you are? :D

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Stick to my guns

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If I am putting my shoes on I almost always decide right away to put them on the proper foot. ;)
Deciding on what shoes to wear might take a minute.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Try not wearing velcro gloves :D
@lucillelucillelucille That’s one to ponder on…

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Stick to my guns here, too.

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@KNOWITALL It’s the only way to go!

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I weight the pros and cons then make a decision and stick to it.

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I’m very decisive. Usually. Well, mostly. I’m, what do you think I should say?

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Both. Depends on the situation.

I tend to over analyze even the most minute decisions. So it’s likely I will feel comfortable sticking to my decisions.

However if someone can point out something that I’ve missed, I’d much rather admit I was wrong than double down.

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