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Is anybody surprised that the Republicans cancelled the convention in Jacksonville?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28473points) 2 months ago

I could see this coming a month ago.

How will Trump get his massive crowds?

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Don’t think the Governor of North Carolina will let the RNC into Charlotte, NC. The county is one of the top 5 counties in North Carolina.

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I am a little surprised. My Jacksonville friends are soooo happy!

Obviously, Trump is changing his schtick to being a responsible president who cares about covid and the health of the nation. I guess he realized leaders around the world who were really strict and effective regarding the virus have gained much respect among the general population.

I’m guessing my Governor (In Florida) also had some concerns about a case explosion, although, I’m sure he also wanted the tax revenue from the event, so I’m really not sure where he stood on it at this point.

It’s all about strategy, not about actually caring about the people in my state or anywhere else.

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Yes, I am. Tulsa wasn’t very long ago so I’m happily surprised for whatever reason. Plus Biden’s video’s are so incoherent, there’s no need for rally’s at this point in such a polarized society.

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I just read he is moving parts of the even back to Charlotte. Is that right? There was no specific detail in what I read.

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The governor of North Carolina has give the RNC a requirement to list how they are going to do social distancing and RNC has done NOTHING, – - basically flipped him the bird. Then Trump moved the party to Florida.

Oh governor Cooper of NC is a Democrat ! He’ll probably call out the National Guard to protect the state.

Maybe Putin has a convention center ! ! ! !

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The quote says he plans to do it, but not in a crowded way.
Is there a drive in movie lot somewhere? He might be thinking to be projected on a screen, and people stay in their cars.
That would be excellent, because you could bring pizza and a cooler of beverages.

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No matter what they do @Patty_Melt the RNC has to file a plan for COVID-19 with the state of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services !

Drive-in interesting but still needs a plan! So far the RNC is clueless.

Maybe your state has a place for 2500 to 5000 people that don’t believe COVID-19 can kill you. The power of Trump and “China Flu”!

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@Tropical_Willie I think they would get people showing up if they have masks and distancing.

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@JLeslis NO NO NO ! that has been the governor statement ! Masks are only interesting !

They need a plan, so far the RNC has outright refused to give a plan. Not even a mask clause NADA !

That is the reason RNC and Trump went to Florida. They show up and guaranteed the the National Guard will bar them from the convention center.

Maybe Trump will bring the DHS from Portland & Chicago and start shooting the National Guard ! J.K.

Trump can’t come and bring more COVID-19 into the state.

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@Tropical_Willie Ok, slow down, I’m talking about two separate things, but maybe I’m confused also. You say the RNC needs to deliver a plan. Ok. Let’s say their plan is to limit attendance, distance, and masks. Let’s say NC approves it. I’m saying, I do think people will attend under those circumstances. People who go to work every day won’t see attending the conference as different if there are reasonable precautions.

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Dr Mandy Cohen head of DHHS as of 10 PM last has not received a written plan. This is the executive order on Limiting size of group gatherings: They haven’t given any “reasonable precautions”
“In Phase 2 Safer At Home, gatherings of more than 10 people in a single indoor space remains prohibited. In outdoor spaces, gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited. Outlined in Executive Order 151, parties and receptions, like all other private events or convenings which are not excepted from the prohibition on mass gatherings, are restricted to the mass gathering limit. This limit applies regardless whether the event takes place in a restaurant, in a conference center, in a hotel ballroom, in a venue that is used exclusively for receptions or parties, or in some other space open under this Executive Order.”

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^^Ok, but like I said, if a plan is approved I think people will show up. The amount of people in a space should have something to do with the size of the space and how distanced people can be unless health officials have decided covid is truly aerosolized. I think if there was a large proportion of aerosolized particles airports would already be cited as HUGE super-spreader events. We have thousands of people in airports every day. I know the major airport near me, Orlando, has been on top of testing employees and mask wearing. So far we don’t have hundreds of employees sick.

I don’t think they should do the convention, why take the risk.

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Read the numbers – - 10 people inside and 25 outside that is the maximum. The plan was for about 2,300 for the convention and double that for Trump’s acceptance speech originally.

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Like I said, go to an airport or Lowe’s, supermarket. Those rules are for the average person to have a guideline because the average person can’t think for themselves or calculate 6 linear ft let alone square footage.

My governor has stated more than once he thinks a ten person dinner party at your house is high risk even though it’s within guidelines, and he is ok with restaurants being at half capacity, which can easily be more than ten people.

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They still haven’t given DHHS a plan. They can have more but need to have a plan.

A store has a plan which has posted limits number of people in building, has hand sanitizer available , some aisles are one-way and takes the temp twice a day of employees. That is a plan.

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@Tropical_Willie We are talking in circles. I have no problem that they need to turn in a plan. I have no idea if they will do it or not. If they don’t, the event doesn’t happen according to you, I accept that.

My stores don’t limit how many people enter the stores at all. Are you sure NC is doing that? Only some of my stores are one way. It’s different in every state. In my state it can vary by county. Any city or county can put in stricter orders than the state.

Are you in NC? I don’t know all the rules there.

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Yes to NC and supermarkets, hardware stores, ABC, nail parlors and Best Buy all have a sheet of paper at the front door stating max number in building. Most have a one-way traffic going into and out of store

Nail parlor I know of takes all client’s temp upon entering and employees twice a day; beginning of shift and when the leave. Eye glass store has a locked door and phone number to call for them open to repair glasses. Restaurants have a board with their number to call for “curb-side” service.

Our county is starting to flatten but not headed down.

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^^Interesting. I think you have a Democratic governor now right? That helps. NC seems to be more and more blue over time, but I still think of it as a Southern State and I guess a swing state. I lived there in the late 90’s early 2000 timeframe.

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55% of the voters are against what Trump is doing. Yes we have a Democratic Governor, he is up for re-election and the GOP candidate is the Lt Governor. Split on that 63 % for Democrat and 35% for GOP candidate,

North Carolina is a swing state for the election but at that rate Trump is going to need a lot Putin votes. J.K.

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