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What is something that feels like it takes forever?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 1 week ago

I will bet 50k this is a fine quest-ion :D

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The presidential elections in the colonies.

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Dental work.

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Some siblings who won’t emotionally mature.( low emotional intelligence).

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When I was a kid & it was raining on a sunday tea time, my mum would have us sit through Little House on the Prairie.
I wanted each episode I saw to end so badly, but despite a million “false alarms” on it stayed, forever & ever & ever!

That mother was sexy though even in a bonnet :D

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@ucme -Micheal Landon! He was a handsome man,even with that wig.

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@lucillelucillelucille Even the horses fancied him :D
She was very nice to look at, it felt wrong though somehow lol

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@ucme – I know what you mean and it’s why I’ve kept my feelings hidden until now.
I feel so free.
I now have no secrets left.

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What seems like it takes forever? @UCME hitting 50k.

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@filmfann There’s a “prize” of sorts, waiting for me, looking forward to it.

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Waiting for @ucme to mention he has staff for that.

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The movie Catwoman with Halle Berry. It’s only 104 minutes, which is short for a comic book movie. The movie was so bad, it felt like 3 hours.

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@cookieman You thought that up by yourself or do you have st…oh never mind!

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Before “Skip the Dishes tracking software”, I used to have “Pizza Delivery Anxiety”

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I remember you mentioning that back when I was @Jonesn4burgers, RGD.

For me, everything is slow. Every step is a strain. Being out in public makes me feel like I’m taking a beating.

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It seems to take forever when you’re waiting for the doctor/nurse to call you with your results.

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As an aside, responses to narcissistic puerility and incipient insipidity can often be sluggish at best.

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^ Say what now?!

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@doyendroll I don’t know who you are, but I like you.
Don’t get carried away, this is likely to be a brief encounter!
I have something in my eye

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Sitting around killing time, waiting for my workday to be over when it’s super slow and there’s nothing to work on.

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Deep cleaning and organization. It took me three days to fully reorganize and clean out my apartment this week. Lots of work. Almost didn’t think I could tackle it, but did!

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