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Have you ever eaten "Beyond Meat" or "Impossible Meat" meat substitutes?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28294points) 1 week ago

I’m not asking about nutrition. I am asking about taste.

How well do these do as a substitute for meat, in terms of taste? Does it come close?

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Impossible burgers are pretty damn good, Closer to a quality beef burger than McDonalds.

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I’ve had BK’s Impossible Whopper. It’s pretty good. It’s not quite real beef, but as far as taste and texture it’s remarkably close. If they were cheaper I’d have no problem replacing the real beef with them in my home.

I can’t speak to the quality of Beyond, as I’ve never tried it.

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I don’t eat at BK but I took my daughter and her two friends there once for their Impossible Whoppers. The two friends are vegetarians and they wanted my daughter to try it. The bill came to over $40 and I asked for the receipt, thinking there was a mistake. No mistake. The meal with the Impossible Whopper is about $9, compared to about one third less for regular meat. I didn’t have it.

Costco sold a veggie burger once and I bought it after trying the sample in store. When I cooked it at home, it tasted like cardboard. They must have doctored up the sample when they cooked it. I returned the box of veggie burgers to the store.

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Impossible Burgers are rather good. I also enjoy the plant-based burgers from a fast food chain here called Harvey’s.

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I have had the one at BK. I love it. But,being a vegetarian for decades, I couldn’t tell you anymore if it tastes like beef.

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@jca2 thanks for the info, sort of discouraging.

I have to run an errand over lunch today – may stop at BK and try one

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I’ve been wanting to try one but haven’t yet.

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Just looked at the BK site to see if they list prices, and they have prices only if you order, but they have special offers, here, for everything but the Impossible Whopper.

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The Impossible Whopper costs around $1 more than the regular Whopper. Which makes me wonder if there aren’t some details in @jca2‘s order that are being overlooked.

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@Darth_Algar: I don’t have the receipt as this was around the holiday time (seven months ago, approximately) but i just looked at the site (that I Linked) under “offers” and I see they have a special with a Whopper and small fries and small drink for $5. So, therefore, since the Impossible Whopper is about 9.50, it’s almost double the price. I got three Impossible Whopper meals for the three kids and I got tacos and mozzarella sticks (which were all gross and I didn’t eat much of it but that’s besides the point) and a soda. I remember when she said the price, I thought “there must be a mistake” which was why I asked for the receipt, and then it was clear when I saw the receipt, and I double checked the menu board.

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Right, they have a special on the Whopper. Meaning that’s cheaper than its regular price. And I can say with certainty that the Impossible Whopper itself is nowhere near $9 on it’s own.

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@Darth_Algar: I got them all Impossible Whopper meals which are about 9.50 (here in this area – not sure about where you live). You can check by putting it in the site link for “order” which will give you an idea. Put in Federal Road Brookfield CT and you can see. I have no reason to lie. Not sure where you live but this is one of the most expensive areas of the country.

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@Darth_Algar: 3 Impossible Whopper meals at 9.50 each is about $30 right there. Is that what you are not getting?

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I’m a vegetarian who eats fish occasionally. I have often eaten Beyond Burgers at a local high quality burger place here. They’re excellent. I can’t tell you if they taste like beef since it’s been too long since I had any.

They are expensive. I bought 8 burgers at Costco for $15.

I had the Impossible Burger at a place in NYC something like 2 years ago. I liked it. I have not had it at Burger King and doubt I will since I don’t care for their quality of bun or any of the stuff that comes with it.

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I’m not saying you’re lying. And what I don’t get is why you’re taking the cost of a meal at regular price for Item A and comparing that to the cost of a meal at sale price for Item B. The actual Impossible Whopper, on its own, doesn’t cost much more than the regular Whopper on its own. I know, the wife and I have bought plenty of them.

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I haven’t had red meat in over 30 years but the minute I bit into a Beyond Burger it tasted so much like what I remember meat tastes like that I could not eat it. I haven’t had an Impossible Burger, but I hear those taste even more like meat.

I’m happy that meat eaters are reducing their meat intake.

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I did. It wasn’t fresh or hot. I might give a second chance to half and half burgers.

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Half and half burgers?

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@Darth_Algar last week I found an add for half meat half veggie beyond meat burger. Sounded tasty. or link

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@Darth_Algar: I’m telling you what I paid (40 bucks for 4 meals) and telling you that there are no specials for the Impossible Whopper meal (at about $9.50) but a regular Whopper meal is $5. I showed you what the Impossible Whopper meal cost on the link I provided. I bought each girl an Impossible Whopper meal.

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That $5 Whopper meal is only valid on that special offer from their website. It’s a digital coupon. You can’t use that as a valid comparison of regular price. It’d be like me going to my local grocer when they have a 2-for-1 sale on Pepsi products and then proclaiming that Coke costs twice as much as Pepsi.

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I see. Sounds similar to something my grandmother use to do. She’d always pad out her ground beef with oats. Only for her it was just a matter of frugality. She my grandfather both experienced the Great Depression first hand, so they tried to stretch everything out as much as they could (although my grandfather was considerably less frugal, despite being older and having seen and felt the Depression’s effects more than my grandmother).

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@Darth_Algar: OK I understand what you’re saying now. I don’t remember what a Whopper meal was in BK (as I never go there) but it was definitely less than $9.50. Next time I’m around a BK I’ll check out our local price for one.

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I buy the Beyond Meat ones regularly, I think it tastes very good, if not close. But just keep in mind I am mostly vegan and don’t like eating meat myself, but I do recommend at least trying them. You might like them even if once in a while as a meat substitute. We just all have different tastes.

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Have not yet read the other answers, will do so after posting. As a vegetarian, I have tried both Beyond Meat, and Impossible Burgers, and I think they very tasty.

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I tried an Impossible Burger, but only once. The product tastes like meat and even “bleeds” a red liquid. These attributes would appeal to anyone who’s accustomed to eating meat and trying to make dietary changes. As a vegan who hasn’t eaten meat in 34 years, however, I was disgusted. The resemblance was just too close.

Beyond Meant items are more substitute and less imitation, so I enjoy them frequently.

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@Love_my_doggie Ewwww, mine have never “bled”.

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I remember looking at the calorie count for the Impossible Whopper and I remember a discussion here on Fluther about it. It’s not a low calorie item, for sure.

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I had an Impossible Whopper in November. I couldn’t tell the difference between it and a regular Whopper. I don’t remember the price, but I’m sure it was high because we were at a rest stop on the NY State Thruway. I had Beyond meat sausage and wasn’t impressed.

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I cut fast foods out of my diet years ago, so I’ve not tried either of them. I have a few friends that tried just to see what they were missing. They say the Impossible is pretty good considering…

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I usually cook for my family and we seldom eat out. Look up the calories. The IW has 630 calories where the Whopper has 660. For the difference of only 30 calories, I think I’d stick with my meat in my Whopper.

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I must say tho, it is great for vegetarians. I don’t eat it because I think it’s healthy. I eat it because it’s good and it’s not a cow.

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To be fair, they’ve never sold the Impossible burger as a “healthy” alternative. Just a plant-based one.

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I received a coupon in the mail for an IW meal for $6

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