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Has anyone else noticed anything strange today?

Asked by doyendroll (226points) 1 week ago

Who can say whether or not it was coincidence or supernatural? If you believe in the supernatural then tell me about it after answering this simple question. What comes next:

e, 8, i, 9, π, ...

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whipped cream?

(I mean…it ended with pie…)

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The strange thing to me is that I woke up and Trump was still president. IN my dream, he had been overthrown.

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I’ve not experienced anything strange today. I’ve never believed in ghosts. Kind of a neat thought but, not logical.

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@doyendroll Your puzzle is irrational.

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The only pattern that I see in the numbers is that their names are in alphabetical order, but there are a lot of numbers that have been left out, so that can’t be the answer.

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so I 8 his

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e is the first letter of eight, i is the second letter of nine, and p and i are the third and fourth letters of espionage and also lapidary, and topiary. Too bad none of those last words have anything to do with numbers.

Edit – If we were only interested in the p in pi, then the next word would be septillion, which is a pretty big number.

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I’m almost 60. I woke up at 3 a.m., went to work and did heavy physical labor for 8 hours, came home and mowed my lawn in 107F heat (heat index), and chugged down 3 beers. And I can still get up and move around. Yeah, I qualify that as strange by most standards.

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There are three previously prominent jellys missing.

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Watching the news, I see:
Black Lives Matter protests
Obits for Herman Cain, John Lewis, and other celebrities
The cratering economy

So what’s odd? I kinda miss election news.

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e, 8, i, 9, π, 10

There, one number for you, and I haven’t seen any ghost yet.

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Are those the avatars of the missing Fluther members?
And the missing one is? Are you planning on quitting as well?

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Okay, @doyendroll , what comes next?

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I try to notice at least one strange thing every day.

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How do you get 7?

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