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Has anyone here seen the show "Ramy" and asked a Muslim's opinion about it?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38071points) 1 week ago

Ramy is a 2 season show on Hulu. It’s about Ramy, about 30, the son of Egyptian migrants who live in New Jersey and his spiritual journey.
As a non-Muslim it is interesting for me to hear his way of thinking and justification for virtually any act.
I’d like to know if Muslims feel the same way and if his depiction is accurate, warped, or even offensive. I have no one to ask. Do you?

I am enjoying the show. (Don’t worry – I’m not going to convert.)

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By the way, the show and the credits inspired me to watch a couple of youtube videos teaching how to read Arabic.
I get it now. Those chicken scratches actually mean something! It’s not that difficult.

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I’ve heard of it and him but not seen it. I don’t have Hulu.

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I have not seen it. My only TV subscription is Amazon. Whenever I try another service with a free trial, I find I there’s not enough to keep me paying. Not that there is not a lot of good TV, but I don’ watch enough to commit to another series.

Your comment on reading Arabic intrigues me though. I’ve always assumed it’s too complex for a casual attempt.

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I can ask some Muslim friends. The question is do they have Hulu.

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@Call_Me_Jay It’s definitely worth spending 10 minutes learning the mechanics of it. You don’t need to be an expert, nor do you need to memorize everything. Just try enough so you can read his name – even using a cheat sheet is ok. Your brain will thank you.

@JLeslie. I’d like to hear what they think of it. Thanks!

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@LuckyGuy Will it work if they live in Scotland? One of my closest Muslim friends lives there. The others are in America, but mostly friends of friends or online, but I’ll ask.

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@JLeslie No worries. I can translate the Scottish accent. :-)

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Lol. Ok, I just meant I didn’t know if it was specific to an American experience.

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