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Do you have food or dishes in your kitchen cupboards?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) August 5th, 2020

Or both?

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Dishes and towels mostly. Only food kept in the cupboards are spices and some basic ingredients like flour. Everything else is in the pantry.

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Food and condiments in some, dishes and utensils and cookware in others.

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Mostly dishes. Some spices.
Actual food is in the pantry.

Though before we lived in a house with a pantry, we would have food in the cabinets.

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Dishes and spices only. Pantry is for food. Thanks!

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Dishes and such. Food goes in the pantry and microwave cart

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I have mostly canned food, and salt and pepper. A couple of mugs. I have been using paper plates for four years. The paper plates are above the cupboard in the space above. No room for plates and bowls other than plastic containers.

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Just dishes. But we have a massive pantry for food.

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@RedDeer Canned food is usually full of sodium and preservatives. Be careful, not healthy for you.

My canned food is tuna cans, veggies, beef and chicken broth. That’s pretty much it.

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