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What do you think of Elon Musk claiming he is a mutated alien? It this possible?

Asked by Aster (19874points) 1 month ago

Watching youtube I saw him agreeing with the interviewer who suggested he might be an alien and Musk replied, ” yes; a mutated alien.” He didn’t laugh or smile and sounded sincere.

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Add a link please. I want to hear this for myself.

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@elbanditoroso Oh, dear. Hope I can find it on youtube. You could help? I watched this morning.

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Here’s the video I watched. It’s way too long to locate where he said it.

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He claims to be an alien around 11:12 min in and maybe 45 sec to 1 minute later he says he’s a a mutation. Personally, I think he looks like an alien so I can’t argue with him

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Thank you, @SEKA ! Although I disagree he looks anything like your standard alien!

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What does a “standard” alien look like? I’m not a musk fan so I find him to be very odd looking and somewhat less than human looking

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He was definitely saying it tongue in cheek. You can see a slight smirk in his face.
The following discussion about Musk’s “fatalistic” attitude toward AI is interesting.

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Of course he’s not a mutated alien! That’s absurd.

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In a rational world it was done in jest. It’s not a rational world with a TV show host in the WH so yes, Musk could be a mutated alien.

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He’s smiling all through that part of the interview. He’s obviously joking.

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I dont believe he was joking because he makes it clear he believes aliens built the pyramids. Ok; I guess he was also joking about that?

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