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Is there something you can use besides cheesecloth to keep dried herbs together when cooking?

Asked by JLeslie (61541points) August 7th, 2020 from iPhone

I just fished out a bunch of dried rosemary in something I cooked, because I didn’t like it in the dish, but the flavor is still good. I don’t have a strainer that would work or I would have strained it all out.

I was thinking bay leaves, cloves, all these things that are usually removed before serving, there must be some sort of metal something you can put those in while cooking? Is there?

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You mean something like this a stainless steel infusion ball It is a great big tea ball. We have one that is about 2 inches across, this one is BIG.

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Yes! I knew there had to be something. I didn’t know what to call it. I don’t think my mom ever used herbs, except a sprinkle of oregano or basil, so I didn’t grow up seeing this sort of thing.


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Tea egg.

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@rebbel I thought about the one for tea. Maybe they are actually the same just called different things depending on what you use it for. Thanks.

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Yes the tea ball is perfect.

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As time and tide wait for no chef you could have tied the thyme around the bouquet garni.

There is no standard recipe for bouquet garni, but most French recipes include thyme, bay leaf and parsley. Depending on the recipe, the bouquet garni may also include basil, burnet, chervil, rosemary, peppercorns, savory and tarragon. Vegetables such as carrot, celery (leaves or leaf stalks), celeriac, leek, onion and parsley root are sometimes included in the bouquet. In Provence, it is not uncommon to add a slice or two of dried orange peel.

Sometimes, the bouquet is not bound with string, and its ingredients are filled into a small sachet, a piece of celery stalk, a net, or even a tea strainer, instead. Traditionally, the aromatics are bound within leek leaves, though a cheesecloth, muslin or coffee filter tied with butcher twine can be used instead.,%2C%20peppercorns%2C%20savory%20and%20tarragon.

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