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Is my brown-ish rosemary ok to eat?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) May 11th, 2010

i had fresh rosemary in a styrofoam tray in the fridge, wrapped in plastic. some of it has turned dark brown. is it ok to eat? should i dry it?

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I don’t think I would use it if it has gone brown-ish. It should be a lovely green colour,
Go out and buy some more.
I wouldn’t risk getting a tummy bug from it.

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I wouldn’t. It’s best, if you’re not eating fresh, to dry it in a bunch that you can hang from a string or hook, or simply on a dry paper towel. Or, for OK dried rosemary, use the microwave.

Dried herbs should have no member of the brown color family in them. The only edible brown food I can think of is Japanese seaweed.

When you buy fresh herbs, put their feet in a little jar with water and refrigerate. That will buy you several more days.

The best is to keep a pot of fresh rosemary. Put it outside for the summer and winter on a sunny window before last frost until no chance of frost in spring. They become big and beautiful plants.

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A tummy bug? That’s kinda cute. Here’s a little trick I recently came across: Run rosemary thru a grinder and add to miracle whip or mayo. Awesome taste.

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When in doubt….....don’t.

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Toss it. Next time, keep fresh herbs cut stem-down in water, like flowers. No need to refrigerate – they’ll keep for a week.

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Does it smell bad? If not, I’d dry it out and go for it. When herbs are dried they totally get brown. I have no idea what kind of herbs the other person that said they never get brown has. Any plant matter that is dried turns brown. Only thing is in the fridge you could have condensation and moisture build up and mold can start to grow so just do a smell test.

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Dried herbs are what you buy in jars when you can’t get fresh. They are mildly brownish but have a tinge of green. They are not terribly tasty.

For Mother’s Day, I made a marvelous black and white cold bean salad. Experimenting with the fresh lime juice vinaigrette, I used only fresh coriander. But I saved a T. of the dressing and added some dried coriander. No flavor at all.

@lilikoi: Mold is pretty obvious in my rather untidy fridge. It looks like a little green angora sweater.

Milo personally votes for fresh chopped grass.

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I placed my herbs in the fridge and they are a dark green/brown. Tyme, Rosemary and Oregano. They smell good and I think if I dry them out I may be able to save them but I wanted to double check. They were given out in big amounts and I would hate to have to throw them out….

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