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If you win big on the lotto can you purchase an university and let yourself in without the grades?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17401points) 1 month ago

A chartered university. Can you make being 16 the only requirement. Can you even remove that requirement?

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Yes, but why would you? Universities are to learn and become wise. If you own the university and have the money to get in without any qualifications, what’s the point of entering college with no ability to learn? Sort of pointless.

Also -it’s this sort of “buy your way into college” that got a couple people sent to jail.

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To take the pressure off of students. Doesn’t have to be chartered school. I would like to be able to learn for fun. Maybe instead we can provide all levels of educational materials available to everyone. From jr. Kindergarten through to ph.d and journeymans certificate. Free of charge.

When I was in grade one I finished the math textbook in a week and asked for the next level,
and the teacher said no.
They gave me a certificate for getting 100%.The rest of my grade school experience was a big waste of time. I wasn’t even alowed to have a library card till I was 16.

I skipped school to watch the noon news and to read what ever I could get my hands on.

It would have been a better use of my time if I had access to higher level textbooks/courses.

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Sure! But you would get no respect!

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You can. But then the university and its qualifications become worthless.
University level education is, more than any other educational sector, based on reputation.

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@Lightlyseared Most college and university streams are already worthless. Unless you get a licence. Doctor/lawer ect.

I just want a public library that has textbooks. It might be just a pipe dream, but I would like academic acceleration to be a real thing for more than the kids of principals.

Anyway it might be too late for me .

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If you want an education, there are plenty of free online courses. You could also buy a textbook or two.

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@LostInParadise Ok thanks. I’m paring down my stuff . I am donating some of my books to the library on Friday. I am only buying Ebooks for my desktop computer from now on.

I want to make the best use of my space stuff .

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@RedDeerGuy1 I don’t know how old you are, but it’s not too late.

I go to a tech college for criminal justice. I have a classmate in her 50s looking to be a cop. Before I changed my major, I had classmates who were in school prior and were looking for a career change, and they were all much older than me. Even with my CJ degree there are students with degrees already (but most are my age compared to when I was in Cybersecurity)

You can always go back and learn new things. Might be harder for some things than others, but it is still possible.

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@SergeantQueen I’m trying to decide either to keep fighting or move on. I’m 43. I’ve been trying to fix things to the way it was since 2000. 20 years ago. If I keep banging my head against the wall maybe It will give a bit. My life is slowly going back on track, and things are finally working out. Right now I am learning domestic skills. Like saving money and not ordering out. I order in bulk, for delivery, the heavy stuff and save my back and knees. I also save money by not ordering out because I did not stock up during the day.

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@SergeantQueen Also Covid-19 is closing the universities, for now. I will see If I can save money for when they open back up. Or spend it on something else.

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See: March 23, 2020
Post addressing that problem.

Jim Brett, Novelist and retired PhD Historian of Russia
......“Private ownership, say by a corporation or political party or brand new religion, could present risks to the search for knowledge and for democratic-merit-based access. So, I am not eager to see a wholesale conversion of publics into adjunctivitis or privates.

(2020) Now that I am retired from the fray, and while socially distancing myself in the midst of planetary pandemic, I can see an electronic university model emerging and basically taking over the physical place.

Also, I can see that emphasis on “everyone should have a college education” is basically politics rather than pedagogy. Even the newspaper “funnies” portray the grade inflation and grade extortion. Teaching Russian History to h.s. grads who were a little uncertain where France is on the map of Europe was disconcerting.
As fun as it will be, I think restoring course competency evaluations is essential, and maybe that begins with the Admissions Processes.

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The problem isn’t going to university, its what do you see yourself studying in the future that would make you feel happiest doing.

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@Inspired_2write I have no clue. I like Fluther. I get a feeling of progress every-time I write the perfect response. Just need a way to get paid for it. make a career out of it.

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Clues to that are:
1. What subjects inspire or move you that it keeps your interest up.
2. What books engage you the most , where you keep at it?
3. Does creativity abound with you, could you write a story or game ?
4. Do you like working with your mind, or are you tactile?
I suppose that there are loads of tests to determine this and or makes you ponder on which disipline that you would be happiest in.

During this Pandemic times you have loads of time to sort that out by investigating possible choices.

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1)The vocabulary portion of language arts.
2) Dilbert and books on leadership and self help, emotional intelligence, business humor.
3) No clue how to answer that.
4) like sorting and organizing.

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Here is a clue written by your own hand” I get a feeling of progress every-time I write”.
So writing…?

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You can educate yourself and then take the CLEP exam at many. Universities. There is usually a fee.

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Sure, I guess you’ll be wanting the numbers now.

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I did my first two years at a community college to get the AAOT (general ed). I got into a major university just for having the AAOT. The university didn’t care about any garbage like the SAT since I did the AAOT. I never took the SAT or ACT. Still got a four year degree in a hard science at a prestigious university.

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Kidding about that last sentence. Economics at a state school.

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