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Is mail-in voter fraud something that worries or concerns you?

Asked by chyna (44906points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Do you feel mail-in voter fraud is widespread or of little concern?

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I’m not worried about it at all. There was zero mail in fraud in our last election.

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It is not the fraud but Trump’s intention is to totally fuck-up the Untied States Postal System, they are removing sorting and postmark machines while mail is piling up.

Well I’ll pay for Fed-Ex prices for my ballot!

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Yes, based on legit charges you can Google. Not all federal and not all Democrat.

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The Heritage Foundation reports on voter fraud ! 1,290 cases of proven instances of voter fraud. Less than thirteen hundred cases ! ! !
New York and some of the other high number like thousands of cases is the USPS didn’t date stamp the envelope with the ballot in. Trump is making sure that happens again.

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The Republicans talk about it so much I’m more worried they are going to do something than Democrats.

There is the possibility of fraud and blocking voters whether mail-in or in person. The occurrence of voter fraud is very low. I’m sure they don’t catch it all. But it seems to be very very low.

Mail-in voting allows more people to vote, which means a more accurate vote of the voice of the people, not the opposite.

In my state you can track your ballot. If it doesn’t get received you can address it. You can also hand in your ballot at any early voting location.

One problem in my state is your party is on the outside of the ballot. That to me invites bad people to target certain ballots and intercept them. Like I said we can track our ballot, so there is a safety mechanism, but it still could create a problem that voters need to get corrected before voting day.

Once in the hand of the voting precincts I’m not concerned. Both parties are usually represented and over seeing everything.

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@knowitall I couldn’t get your attachment to open.

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To anyone. Why does a post mark matter? The ballots need to arrive on-time in my state, not postmarked by a certain date. Is it different in other states? I actually think it would be better to have post marked by a certain date like how we do taxes. The way it is in Florida now, you can’t really gauge your ballot gets there on time, except to mail it weeks ahead.

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@chyna Here it is again. I copied the examples here, just in case.

Philly Fraud Case Expands

The U.S. Justice Department this past week charged former Democratic congressman Michael Myers with stuffing ballot boxes, bribing an elected official, falsifying records, obstructing justice and voting multiple times in federal elections in Philadelphia.

Myers was the second official charged in the scheme.

Domenick DeMuro, a Democratic ward chairman in that city, admitted in a plea deal that he had “fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear,” ptoecutors said.

DeMuro allegedly had a network of clients who paid him significant sums of money to rig elections over several years.

New Jersey mail-in ballot scheme exposed

Four New Jersey residents, including one city council member and one city councilmen-elect in Patterson, N.J., were charged last month in what state officials was a mail-in ballot fraud scheme. The four were charged with multiple crimes including voting fraud, tampering with public records and unauthorized possession of multiple vote-by-mail ballots.

West Virginia mail carrier nabbed in mail-in ballot scheme

A mail carrier in Pendleton County, W.V., recently admitted to investigators that he altered mail-in voting ballot documents. The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of West Virginia said in a press release in June that it was charging Thomas Cooper, a worker with the U.S. Postal Service, with “attempted election fraud.”

An affidavit supplied by that office to Just the News states the Pendleton County Clerk received several absentee mail-in ballot requests “in which the voter’s party-ballot request appeared to have been altered by use of a black-ink pen.” On five of the requests, “it appeared that the voters ballot choice was changed from Democrat to Republican

California voter fraud conviction exposes Skid Row scheme

In February, 62-year-old Norman Hall pled guilty in a scheme to pay money and cigarettes to homeless people on Los Angeles’ Skid Row in exchange for false and forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms. Hall got a year in jail.

Illinois let non-citizens register to vote in blunder

In January, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White disclosed in a letter to the Legislature that a “programming error” in a signature pad at driver services facilities led to 574 non-U.S. citizens accidentally being registered as voters. At least one, and perhaps as many as 15, non-citizens may have voted in the 2018 election. White’s office says the problem has been fixed.

“We view it as a significant problem,” Matt Dietrich of the Illinois State Board Of Elections said at the time.

Alabama Absentee Fraud

In 2019, former Gordon, Ala., Mayor Elbert Melton was convicted of absentee ballot fraud in a mayoral race he won by just 16 votes.

Melton was sentenced recently to one year in prison and two years of probation after his conviction on charges of absentee ballot fraud and second-degree theft of property.

Pay-to-Vote Scheme exposed in New Jersey

New Jersey real estate developer Frank Raia, 67, a Democrat, was convicted in 2019 of overseeing a scheme to pay low-income residents in Hoboken’s subsidized housing $50 for their votes in the 2013 election.

Wisconsin county supervisor admits to ballot fraud

Former Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, 47, pleaded guilty in 2018 to election fraud for falsifying signatures on petitions to qualify for the spring election.

Prosecutors said several people whose names appear on West’s nomination petition told a detective they never signed. Two even said the printed name next to their bogus signatures were not spelled correctly.

Absentee Ballot Theft in Florida

In 2018, authorities arrested Florida man Bret Warren after they determined he had stolen five absentee ballots and fraudulently voted with them. Warren eventually pled no contest to two charges of false swearing in connection with voting.

Wife of mayoral candidate nabbed in New Mexico

In 2018, New Mexico authorities indicted Laura Seeds on 13 counts of voter fraud related to her husband’s 2016 mayoral race. Seeds was eventually convicted in part for illegally possessing two absentee voter ballots; her husband Robert won the race by two votes.

Indiana cop convicted of voter fraud to help father win race

In 2016, Indiana police officer Lowell Colen was convicted of absentee ballot fraud in an attempt to help his father win a city council election. Colen eventually pled guilty to four felony counts of voter fraud, with prosecutors claiming he filled out false registrations and forged numerous signatures.

Double voting in Arizona

Last month, Randy Allen Jumper pleaded guilty in Arizona to attempting to vote in two states during the 2016 general election: Arizona and Nevada. He was also charged with falsely signing a statement vowing not to vote in the general election anywhere but Arizona.

Arizona officials said at the time of his plea they have brough about 20 cases of voter fraud in the last decade against people who tried to vote in two states in the same election.

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Postal vote fraud in the US is incredibly rare at 0.00004% of all votes. Between 2000 and 2012 there were 491 fraudulent postal votes. Total.
A well conducted postal vote is as secure as a well conducted paper vote in person.
Now compare that to vote fraud from electronic voting machines purchased from companies that have long since gone out of business using operating systems that were outdated when the machines were built and has never been updated since. That are so badly designed they can flip votes even without malicious intent. That don’t produce a paper audit trail so there’s no way to check that there has even been a problem.

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@JLeslie Laws are different; in some states ballot must be postmarked by a certain date, New York state is one of them !

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Voter fraud? No. Presidential fraud? Yes.

He wants to be on Mount Rushmore? He should dynamite Mount Rushmore. That’s a better symbol of how he’ll be remembered.

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No. And there is still the option of dropping it at voter boxes though something tells me in Republican states they will hardly be available in Democratic counties or poor neighborhoods that are mixed.

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As far as I know, many of us are still voting in person. I couldn’t find an updated article past June, though.

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I’m actually more worried about Russian or other agents hacking voting machines than voter fraud by mail. There’s no reason to think that will be widespread as voting by mail has been used widely in many places already. I plan to vote by mail and then drop it in a drop box. What it does mean is that we’re not likely to know the winner on November 3.

If the administration is really concerned about mail fraud they would be willing to fund the voter election security measures and the post office in the next stimulus package. Their reluctance to include them shows the hypocrisy in their concerns.

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@janbb The USPS has been a financial drain for some time, especially in the information age, it’s just not necessary to many of us. Although Trump gave them a boost with mailing all his campaign materials through them for the last couple years.

U.S. Postal Service’s Financial Viability – High Risk Issue. ... Poor financial situation: USPS’s overall financial condition is deteriorating and unsustainable. USPS has lost $69 billion over the past 11 fiscal years—including $3.9 billion in fiscal year 2018.

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When I look over the Heritage Foundation link above, it seems to me the best way to get an honest vote is for Democrats and Republicans to work together to make the system as fraudulent proof as possible, learning best practices from various states, and trying to ensure all citizens get a chance to vote. I think the arguments are so political, rather than being about citizens being able to vote. The items below are about voting in general both in person or mail-in.

1. Voting could have a better system of making sure people are not registered in two places.
2. Mail-in voting should have tracking.
3. Signature match with the ability to correct any questionable matches, but states must allow people to register a signature for free.
4. No party affiliation on mail-in ballots
5. Paper trail.
6. Easy to fill in ballot.
7. No wording that can easily be yes means no and vice versa.

Voter fraud comes in many forms, whether it be indirect or direct. Prohibiting people from voting is just as much an affront to our democracy as someone voting twice or without eligibility.

I wrote on another Q that from what I understand from an interview I saw about Oregon voting, the vote by mail is less expensive than in person voting, so the funds saved by the state can either help the state, or maybe the state can contribute some money towards the USPS.

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@JLeslie Your ideas are good.

From what I’ve heard about NJ, they do match the ballots with your signature on the rolls before counting them.

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@KNOWITALL The USPS is not supposed to show a profit. It is a public service. Many people may not rely on it but many others do rely on it for delivery of meds, checks and other things.

And clearly it is needed in a time of pandemic so that the widest number of people can vote safely in a major election.

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@janbb And all I’m saying is that people in my age group mostly do everything online and only get random junk mail. I’m fairly certain it won’t be around much longer once the Boomers are gone, save a tree at least.

And honestly, we have internet access at our fingertips via phone or computer. If I can pay taxes online and do taxes online, why are we still using paper to vote?

Pharmacies here deliver for free to your home, checks are usually auto-deposited (who waits in lines at banks anymore?!) It’s required to have bank info to your employer even here in rural Missouri, surely other areas have the same access to modernize.

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@janbb Florida matches signatures too, and supposedly gives you time to correct any signature problems if your signature does not match. Tennessee matches signatures, but I am not aware of them making efforts to fix it if they declare a mismatch, but I am not sure. There is only time to correct it if you get your ballot in early. People in Florida are encouraged to update signatures. Many people change their signature from their teens to their 20’s and many people change if they develop diseases like Parkinson’s or just get less steady with their hands.

@KNOWITALL What’s the harm though to keep the USPS running? I don’t feel like you are attacking the USPS, don’t get me wrong, I am only saying that remote areas still rely on it heavily, many people feel like it is part of America like a National Park or the Smithsonian, it wouldn’t be losing money if it didn’t have to reserve so much money for pensions and other rules that are dragging it down that can be fixed. I think it could go to 5 day delivery and some other changes. This is just like the voting to me, we can all put our minds together and make the USPS better, but instead it is adversarial for some reason Republicans against Democrats. Why? You are speaking from a younger generation perspective I think, not so much political, but there is a political component. The Libertarians especially are against the USPS for years and that has capture Republicans as well. What do you think their real intention is? Libertarians have told me it is UnAmerican that only USPS can deliver to a mailbox and that people are basically forced to pay for a mail service. Now, it is intertwined with the voting.

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It does not concern me.

The evidence does not show that it is widespread.

That said, we have never seen mail-in voting at this scale before (what is being proposed for November). Any voting method is going to be susceptible to some kind of fraud. If we all voted online, it would be prone to being hacked. The question is are some methods worse. I have not seen evidence that mail-in voting is more susceptible to fraud. For better or for worse, the U.S. is a nation that allows states and municipalities to all do things differently. It would be nice if we were all on the same page about voting.

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@Knowitall I have 2 doctors that I work with in their 30’s that want their checks in hand, not direct deposit.

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So all the elderly without internet and emails get to suck it. And stop delivery of the medications from non-local pharmacies ? Not all towns have a pharmacy.

I don’t get @KNOWITALL why are you targeting older people? ?

I have a neighbor in her 60’s without internet and doesn’t have an email account, she has a smartphone because her company wants to text her, to tell her where to report to on a daily basis

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@JLeslie It’s consistently been in decline in usage and losing money. $18 billion dollars a year of taxpayer funds is too much for me and my friends who simply get trash we don’t want.

@chyna Who carries checks anymore? Is the practice for older patients or ?

@Tropical_Willie I think there is a better financial solution than propping up a declining system just because it’s ‘tradition’ and people don’t want to embrace tech.

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about medication delivery, but I’d assume Fed Ex or UPS can deliver as well, or a drone for that matter? Feel free to educate me. My mom gets free delivery and everyone else just picks it up in the drive thru.

If she has a smartphone, she’d be able to vote, if we focused on that instead of the old systems. You can get texts on a $30 a month Net10 phone, what’s the point in a smartphone if you don’t use the ‘smart’ features? The phone can be linked to her email account, too.

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@knowitall I mean their paycheck. I work in a hospital in the hospitalists office. I can’t imagine not wanting direct deposit.

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@chyna Really? It’s not even an option at my job, my husbands job, and even mom’s SSI is auto-deposit. I literally don’t know anyone who deals in written checks anymore. Interesting!

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@KNOWITALL It is the cost of delivery $14.00 for Fed-Ex versus $1.65. The reason the Post Office is in trouble is the requirement they maintain a retirement fund for people they haven’t even hired but might in the future, all their money is tied up.

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@KNOWITALL Valid complaint about the monetary loss. I am saying why don’t we fix the financial problems rather than talk about closing it down? There are still people without internet and smart phones in the country. Fedex and UPS can deliver to most everywhere I would guess, but why are they profitable and USPS isn’t? It is because there are unfair regulations on USPS. Plus, I don’t think it is terrible that USPS loses some money, but I would want to limit the loss, breaking even would be better. You can’t deliver a letter for 55 cents through Fedex or UPS from Miami to Seattle Washington. Some people still want paper bills from credit cards and utility companies. Some people need mail-in ballots. How much would that all be through FedEx?

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@Tropical_Willie Really? I order online as does my husband and I’ve never paid $14.00, but we are very close to a hub, maybe that’s the difference, I have no idea.

I mean, that kind of proves my point. The Feds just aren’t good at running a business.

@JLeslie Personally I think it’s just an outdated system and think of all the things we could do with $18 billion a year in taxpayer dollars to help Americans.

Someday a ‘want’ for paper bills will no longer be an option with modern tech. Paperless is also better for the environment. I’m honestly a little surprised you support a govt ran system that has proven to lose money, rather that privatizing it, at the very least.

We don’t need mail in anything, let’s do it online!! You can’t tell me you can log in to fluther daily and not see how easy it would be to vote online. My 80 year old grandfather has been dead for ten years and he used the internet often and had a cell phone in rural Missouri, so if he can do it, most people can.

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You missed the mark ! ! They have been put into a position by the GOP Congress and Trump of going out of business. You a Trump follower so . . . you want them to go out of business too!
Go to Fed-Ex and tell them you want to ship a large envelope for $1.65, you’ll land on the ground outside the door with a footprint of a size ten shoe on your backside.

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@KNOWITALL Vote online has no paper trail. What if we need a recount or the vote is under question for fraud? I used to vote on a touch screen in TN. If it is recorded incorrectly electronically how would we correct that vote? If it was hacked or erased or whatever.

Edit: My mom won’t do anything online. She is afraid of Big Brother and identity theft.

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@Tropical_Willie If you start your Trump follower nonsense with me again, I won’t reply to you again. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics for me.

I think it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars to prop up another broken govt ran system, simple as that.

@JLeslie Back up servers, same as any other organization. If a private server is good enough to protect our country’s top secret emails when Hillary did it, I think we’ll be okay.

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Politics it is ! ! You just don’t want to see it !

The GOP Congress and Trump put them in that position. They didn’t say let’s pay all kinds of money into a pension account for people we haven’t hired yet. Trump and Congress did that!
You say is isn’t politics but it is politics, GOP dirty politics.

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It ahould worry every registered citizen in the USA. Only citizens who are registered to vote in our country. Mailed out ballots to the masses are not legal. With indiscriminate mail out ballots, dead people can vote. People can vote numerous times in more than one state. Even pets can vote. Only absentee ballots which are sent to registered voters are legal. (when you cannot vote in person) This is the only way to have an honest election. Which, by the wsy we have not seen for ages.

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@KNOWITALL: I carry checks. There are lots of uses for checks. I was at the optometrist just today and they had a sign “Please pay by cash or check.” I don’t always want to shell out $100 for a big expense like that, as it would deplete my cash in my wallet, so check it is. Paying a doctor copay by cash gives me an automatic receipt, in case they credit it to the wrong account. When the guy who mows my lawn needs payment, paying him by check gives me an automatic receipt. He doesn’t take credit cards, as he’s just an amateur (neighbor).

I can think of a lot of people that might not be willing to vote using a computer. Heck, this summer I was going to do a virtual doctor visit to be pre-screened for a Covid test, and even though I’m fairly tech savvy, the program to make a profile, and then access their website was pretty complicated and I ended up getting them to register me over the phone. I told the person on the phone that I don’t think an elderly person would be able to do their registration process, because I had trouble doing it and I’m pretty competent with that stuff.

As for pharmacies, not all pharmaceutical companies are your local neighborhood pharmacies. My insurance company uses Medco, which is a national chain, not sure where they’re located because I don’t use them. For medications that people take more than one time (for example, chronic conditions like thyroid), you are supposed to use Medco and they ship you a three month supply. Some people use mail order services for diabetes supplies and stuff like that.

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@jca2 We live in different worlds I guess. My husbands mother is just like some of you, won’t even use debit for Redbox or McDonalds. So we’ll get back to voter fraud. Sigh…

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@KNOWITALL: I use credit, don’t have a debit card. I get 4% cash back with my credit card, which is a nice incentive, plus double the manufacturers’ warranties when I purchase electronics with it, so it’s worth it. McDonald’s I pay cash. Redbox, I don’t do because I do online streaming.

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@si3tech I think you may have some misconceptions about how mail-in voting works. At least in my state, you have to apply for a mail in ballot and they will only send one to you if you are a registered voter. Then when it is sent in (and it is quite a business to fill it out and send it in), it is checked against the voter rolls and your signature is checked. It is not a mass mailing willy nilly.

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@jca2 I rarely get cash anymore except farmers market. Even my handyman has a card scanner and emails receipt to my phone.
I’d like to hear more about a double warranty though! My credit card is pretty good but never saw that.
I hit Redbox about once a month for new movies, they’re 1.50 here but 7.99 on streaming service and I’m a tightwad haha!

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I am much more concerned about voter suppression than fraud.

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@Knowitall some insurance companies make you order 90 day supply of meds and supplies from out of state or they won’t pay.
I still pay my bills by mail, not on line because I want to.
We would be putting a lot of well paying jobs out of business, and then expect people to be happy going from that kind of money to minimum wage. Airlines are also laying off thousands and if the postal service shut down, there would be even more jobs in the airline industry lost. Jobs within the trucking industry would be lost.
Then there would be the trickle down effect of people not putting their money back into the economy because they don’t have any money to spare.
This would be a giant cluster.

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@chyna Yes, mine is 90 days but I pick up in the drive thru, no problem. I don’t trust mail delivery for meds personally, kids or anyone could take them, so it’s just not for me.

Anyhoo, it’ll happen eventually and our taxpayer dollars will go to something more worthwhile. Ya’ll mail users better start to find alternatives.

I’m all about job creation when it’s productive, but we all knew at some point in the digital age there would be a switch and if you haven’t noticed the drones and consolidation due to computer programming, it’s time to pay attention, in my opinion.

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I think we’re really getting away from the point of this discussion. The point of it is not to convince KIA that she needs to use the PO. The point is that mail-in voting is the safest way in this election to vote. If there are serious concerns about mail-in security than the Senate should be funding the efforts for increased security and efficiency of the PO at this time. Instead, Mitch McConnell has gone home and Trump’s big donor Postmaster General is removing mail sorting machines from the post offices which slows down delivery. I think it’s quite obvious who is committing fraud and I grieve for our democracy.

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^Agree 100%.

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Wow, this went waaay off from mail-in voter fraud speculation!

In my town, when we vote in person, we have paper ballots. I like that.
I feel that mail-in voting is safer, certainly, than any electronic thing that can break down or be hacked.

In 2012 there were issues with the power grid after Sandy, and for about an hour our polling place lost electricity. Because the poll workers had anticipated this, flash lights were available and we were still able to cast our paper ballots.

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Trump has requested a mail-in ballot from Florida for the November election.

Is his vote going to fraudulent ? You bet.

Maybe he’ll have Air Force One fly it back down to Florida and have two Secret Service people drop it off at the polling place – - – ‘cause he doesn’t trust the USPS to get it there (knows why and better not use USPS) !

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I don’t even understand why Trump isn’t going in person. Seems like his people would love it.

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No. If I get a mail in ballot I’ll just walk it down to the court house.

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So now they’re removing mailboxes from cities. I am truly terrified about this election and the end of democracy in this country.

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The fuckers!

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Fun fact. Over 2 billion Christmas cards are mailed in the US every year.

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Yah @JLeslie except they’re are taking out sorting machines and postmark machines and cutting back on overtime and cutting routes early or late. At this rate DeJoy and Trump are going have a tough time handling half a billion cards. Send your cards and ballots by Fedex because DeJoy has stock in that company (think Trump does too).

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^^I’m guessing there will be at the most 100 million ballots going through the mail, I think more like 60 million, but that’s just guessing. I read in 2016 it was 30 million. 100 million pieces of mail is nothing compared to 2 billion. I agree the Republicans are working on trying to make it harder, which basically means abusing our USPS staff, which is disgusting and very upsetting to me, let alone if people actually don’t get their vote counted.

My point again though is the argument that it will be too much mail for USPS to handle sounds like total bullshit to me prior to Trump purposely trying to sabotage it. Almost all of the extra mail will be local mail. Literally, going through one post office in most cases, at the most two within the same county. A huge portion of Christmas cards usually cross states.

I believe both sides are propagating hysteria. Maybe some states will have a problem. A recent interview I saw a woman being interviewed who said they will work closely with their local USPS to ensure the ballots get delivered. That’s what each state needs to focus on and ignore the man in The White to some extent. He needs to be called out for what he is doing and fight against it, but elections are local. People should be watchdogging their own state officials, because Trump is a menace at this point.

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For those who think the USPS is awful and we should use private companies such as FedEx, I just went to their site and put in some info to ship as a guest (without an account). I put in parameters shipping from my town in NY to Las Vegas, .50 was the weight I chose, the dimensions were 4×10 x 1 (thinking of a business size envelope which would of course probably be put into the cardboard envelope they provide), and chose not to have them pick it up (so I would drop off at a FedEx location), for a six day delivery time, the cheapest was $11.66. Compare this to the cost of a stamp for the same size. Even if the package were a little heavier and you had to put on extra postage with the USPS, it’s way, way cheaper and faster to do the USPS.

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@jca2 The USPS charged me 20 bucks for a picture with no frame in a padded envelope to Japan. Depends on what service you need I suppose.

JLeslie's avatar

@jca2 I made the same point I think in a PM to someone. I didn’t look up the fedex amount, but 55¢ from Maine to San Diego In 3–5 days. It’s amazing what USPS does. Probably, we should raise the price to they can balance the budget. Make it 80¢.

@KNOWITALL How much via FedEx?

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@KNOWITALL: I wonder what FedEx would charge to ship the same thing to Japan? I’m sure more than $20.

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@KNOWITALL Have you always been against the post office or has this stance been brought on by trumps dislike for mail in voting?
I can’t see anyone thinking shutting down the UPS and displacing 600,000 people will get trump votes.

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@KNOWITALL: Just out of curiosity I put in shipping via FedEx from Branson Missouri to Osaka Japan, 1 lb, 10” x 10” x 1”, and the cheapest is $96. The most expensive is 154.

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I called my court house today. I told them I wanted a mail in ballot. Then I mentioned the brouhaha on Facebook.
She said if I had any concerns just call them.
In other words, no. I am not concerned.

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@chyna I haven’t been a fan for decades and moved everything online as soon as I could. Truly it has nothing to do with current politics.

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@jca2 It was free to post the pic on social media for her. She could have printed it at home easily.
$20 bucks was fine to make an older lady happy.

I feel like ya’ll don’t want to acknowledge that it’s not about cost necessarily, it’s tech has made USPS less of an essential need for most people my age and younger. It’s just a matter of time.

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@KNOWITALL: My point was (and is) that the post office serves the average person way cheaper than a private company, like Fed Ex. My examples of mailing something from NY to LV or Missouri to Japan show that the USPS does it for way less than Fed Ex. So for someone who is tight on money, which many people are, mailing something is going to be cost-prohibitive. Not everyone can do e-cards or online banking or pay bills electronically. Even for those who can do e-cards, there are times when a mailed paper card is a nice thing. Holidays, birthdays, thank you cards are some examples.

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Here you go CNN reporting on breakdown and failure of USPS to be able to deliver mail-in ballots.

Postal service warns nearly every state it may not be able to deliver ballots in time based on current election rules.

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So just don’t mail them! Hand deliver them! Why is FB making such a big deal about this?

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@Dutchess_lll Because MSNBC and CNN are. Fox news and Republicans have been making it an issue for years, so just more of the same with them, but now we have a pandemic to push the topic into the forefront.

Dutchess_lll's avatar

No. It’s the election bringing it to the forefront and trump is trying to take credit for it. The fact is it’s been losing money since the 80s, especially with the advent of the internet. I almost never mail anything.
Anyway I’ll be dropping my ballot off by hand at the court house or our polling place just to be safe.

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If you get it the ballot, Trump is trying total USPS before you get your ballot.

Dutchess_lll's avatar

I just requested it yesterday. I’ll probably get it Monday.

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I just got a confirmation in the mail that I had requested a mail-in ballot, I think it was for November. I requested mail-in 3 months ago, and in Florida you can request two elections at a time, and then it expires and you have to do the request for the next election after that. I turned in my August ballot a few days ago at the early voting center and I checked online and it says it was received.

In my state I feel like they are doing everything they can to make sure people feel good about their vote. Someone asked me a few days ago if the minority areas in the state have less access to early voting or wind up with longer lines at voting centers. I don’t remember that being the case, here, but it’s not impossible, I just don’t know, I remember there were reports of that in Georgia. I only mention the voting centers, because people can turn in their mail-in ballot at the voting centers, but it isn’t a box, you actually hand it to someone and they mark your name. I wish they had a box we could just drop it in.

I’m curious to know if they will start counting mail-in votes early in the day on voting day. I don’t think they count it before election day, does anyone know?

I was thinking of updating my signature just to be 100% sure for November. I don’t know if the signature matches my license or if I signed the voter registration application? I know my license is still exactly how I always sign.

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@Dutchess_lll You won’t get it until after the parties have their conventions for who the president and VP will be !

Other wise it will be “a GOP candidate” and “a Democratic candidate” – - NO NAME !

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What I’m waiting on is the application, not the actual ballot.

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We have the applications for mail-in on-line for the ballot, advised to wait until conventions to send it in.

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Well…duh! I should have thought of that! Wonder why she didn’t mention it.

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^^We can apply for a mail-in ballot online, by phone, on paper by regular mail or fax, by email, or in person. Probably, most states you can do it all those various ways.

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