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What is the current plan for the Republican National Convention 2020?

Asked by JLeslie (61541points) August 18th, 2020

I’m watching the DNC and it does feel flat doing it virtually. Seems like maybe they could have been more creative, but I am not sure what the more creative thing would be while still staying safe for COVID.

Are the Republicans still going to do something in person?

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I wonder how pissed off His Trumpiness will be if the number of watchers (and ratings) are smaller than the Democratic convention…

It’s all a charade anyway. Waste of time to watch.

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Lmfao, the ratings will be fine, Democrats would never pass up the opportunity to have something new to bitch about.

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I heard the RNC will be similar, unless something changes. I thought it was fine, personally, but I only lasted 30 minutes.

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^You lasted much longer than I did.

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I’ve been watching on and off – not straight through – and have been pretty impressed by a lot of what I’ve seen.

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@chyna I actually love to watch both sides of everything from debates to results. We’d had dinner guests so I missed some of it. It was a little tedious though.

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I’ve been watching the entire show, sometimes a little distracted if I’m doing something else while it’s on.

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To bash the crap out of those stupid liberal Democrats!

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So far I can’t find it. I did find Mrs Biden’s speech, Michelle O’Bama’s speech but I can’t find anything from Biden. The Repubs will talk a lot each month. Hope I don’t have to wade through all Mrs Biden’s chatter to get to hear her husband .

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@Aster Biden is Thursday night.

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Thanks, @JLeslie . I thought he was Monday night, Tuesday night tonight, etc.

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Not going to watch the GOP fawn all Trump and gloss over all his failings.

I have watched 3 days of the Dem. Convention. It was really terrible on the first day. I think they didn’t coordinate the timing just right. Tue and Wed were much better. Seems they got the hang of it. Tonight Biden comes on. The one thing I will say is they should’ve put a soundtrack of clapping. It feels awkward when there is no clapping. I hope Biden at least does his last bit in a studio with a small audience that they can safely distance.

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I tried to watch last night (Wednesday) and after half an hour of “America’s Got Talent” I gave up. It is not in the cards to hear Biden speak – and epecially not to answer questions from an audience. Heck; I’d be thrilled if he just answered three questions!

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@Aster The candidate usually comes out and speaks on the last night. Nothing strange about that.

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In what month is the last night?

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Tonight 8/21/20 is the last night.

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@Aster I don’t get it. Above I wrote Biden is Thursday, you thanked me, and you tuned in on Wednesday hoping to see Biden. Here is a link for the schedule. He is supposed to speak around 10:00pm tonight.

Maybe record it if you have a DVR, and you can just fast forward to when you see people you are interested in hearing.

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