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The first cruise ship is now setting sail off the coast of Italy since all were docked at the beginning of the pandemic. Would you go on a cruise now?

Asked by chyna (46921points) September 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

Would you be afraid to get on one or jump at the chance?

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Nope. Cruise ships are large Petrie dishes at the best of times, and this is not the best of times.

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NO…NOT because I would fear getting on the ship, but because I don’t enjoy traveling & I wouldn’t have gone on a cruise even before the pandemic!!!

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I enjoy traveling but cruises have never appealed to me and now even less so.

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Nope – - NOPE – - NOPE !

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No. Even before the pandemic, I have friends who took cruises and came home very sick. No way now and probably never.

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No. Even if it were completely safe, all the restrictions and changes they’ve put in place make it no fun anymore.

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Even before Covid cruise ships were viral incubators. Thousands of people in close quarters all eating off of buffets sharing the same utensils and people grabbing with their fingers from the buffet table.

No thanks. Not Nope but Hell Nope!

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Nah. Even before the pandemic I wasn’t really interested. I’ve been on a cruise, but not since I was a kid. I could see going on a smaller river cruise or something but the giant “floating cities” have little appeal for me.

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I wouldn’t now, but there is an argument that if everyone on board is negative the ship becomes one of the safest places to be regarding covid. The tests aren’t 100% so there is always a risk someone actually is infected. Also, if the ship docks to explore port cities during the cruise then interacting with new people on land creates a risk.

@zenvelo When I traveled on Holland America five years ago the first two days no one was allowed to touch the buffet, not even get themselves a drink from the soda fountain.

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I was on the Grand Princess when we were quarantined. 7 people aboard died, and 122 tested positive for the virus.
Dealing with the virus/quarantine left my wife and I with a bit of PTSD, and I doubt I could get my wife aboard a cruise ship right now, but I might.
I think the cruise lines will over compensate from past mistakes.

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@filmfann You were one that I really hoped would answer this question since I knew you had been stuck during the pandemic. I’m surprised that you would get on another cruise, but I’m glad that you won’t let the pandemic control your life. I don’t think I would go on a cruise right now, but perhaps in the future I would consider it.

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@chyna In the days following the Challenger disaster, someone asked if I would be willing to go on the next shuttle flight. I said that I would; that after a disaster like that, NASA would be triple diligent to make sure everything went right.

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I dreamed of going on a cruise when I graduate from school, but I don’t even leave the house now. So a cruise is so far out of the realm of possibility. There is zero chance I would take a cruise.

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I would if I could go with Taylor Swift.

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We did a cruise to Alaska last Sept, it was alright but in no hurry to do it again, especially during this pandemic.

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