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Can I get a girlfriend on fluther?

Asked by lv17524 (45points) September 22nd, 2020

There is no sex in my marriage. We are getting a divorce. My negatives are that I am 68 and do not drive.

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I don’t think you can get much sex here either. Perhaps you should look closer to where you live.

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What do you mean by “get”? Like – purchase? No.

This isn’t a single site either.

You might be able to woo someone by your intellect and scintillating personality.

Good luck.

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Join a book group or other club in your area (even virtual). Go to church or other religious institution. Join some committees in your community (local government, etc.). That’s the best way.

Fluther doesn’t have many people and all are scattered all over the map.

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You might be able to get good and useful advice on how to meet the right person, but it’s highly unlikely that “right person” is a user on Fluther.

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How you doing?

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@chyna Haha! I love it.

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If you have the cash, you could buy a Realdoll instead.
Would be about as real as any “girlfriend” on the internet, and probably cheaper in the long run.

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@jca2 Good luck finding anything like that during this pandemic.

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There are like, 5 women here. And you just met them all.

That’s a no.

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Well, @Dutchess_III He didn’t meet me.

But I am young enough to be his granddaughter so nah

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Why are you getting divorced?

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@anniereborn: I’m in a book group and we’ve been meeting outside in a park.

I did say “virtual” in my comment to him. Even if a group meets virtually, it’s still a chance for him to talk to someone.

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Unless you are on a straight-up dating site, I doubt people would jump right into the “girlfriend” part. We don’t know who you are and we don’t have any emotional connection to you.

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I think he’s really looking for sex, not a relationship.

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Who says this is a guy ?

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I somehow doubt a 68 year old female would be complaining about no sex in the marriage.

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@Dutchess_III Hey, ya never know.

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What are your expectations ? List what you are looking for and we will see.

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Here is an update I posted an ad on craigslist this morning and I am getting replies

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What are you looking for?

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