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Saying "Mask doesn't help when it comes to COVID 19" is like saying ...."?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 23rd, 2020

Fill in the blank.

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“Someone stole my bellybutton.”

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It’s like saying seatbelts shouldn’t be a thing because 1% of people wearing seatbelts during a crash get strangled by the belt.

May be a bad analogy, thought of it on the spot. There are some people who actually don’t wear seatbelts because of this statistic

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…brakes don’t help when it comes to stopping a car.

Because, you know, it’ll stop by itself eventually.

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…windshields don’t stop the wind from entering the front of a car’s passenger compartment.

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Space suits not required on surface of the Moon !

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…You should use both sides of toilet paper.

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These are still good, even though they’re open at both ends.

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Wearing pants doesn’t help to keep the piss off other people when you lose control of your bladder in public.

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Condoms don’t prevent pregnancies or the spread of disease.

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Flu shots don’t help because people will still get the Flu

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Great posts. I heard that from supposedly medical professionals like one from Sweden on Tuesday, Sep. 22/20, not quacks and conspiracy theorists, “it was made in a lab” etc.

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What kind of medical professionals ? ?

Here’s what understand to be the truth. anything else is bogus conspiracy theory. Including two Swedes

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There’s no point in switching to a more lucrative job, because you’ll just waste all the extra money you make.

Or: Exercise doesn’t help you lose weight, because you will just eat more.

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