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Can you remove tarnish on this aluminum kitchen tool?

Asked by mikebrittain (53points) September 6th, 2008

I purchased one of these aluminum meat pounders about a year ago ( This week, after using it on raw chicken I got lazy and tossed the sucker into the dishwasher. When it came out the next morning, it was covered in a dark gray tarnish that seems to rub off on anything it gets near. Is it possible to clean this thing—or have I turned it into garbage?

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Take a green Scotchbrite scrubby pad to it. The tarnish is only a few molecules deep, and the green scrubbies are abrasive enough to remove that layer. It will also remove that nice, shiny finish, however

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The shiny finish is already long gone. No worries there. The only other concern is that the face with the sharp points all over it might be impossible to get in between. Is there anything I can also soak this hammer in?

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For the toothed face, wet an old toothbrush and pack some baking soda into the bristles. That’ll do it.

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I would try immersing it in good old Coca-Cola. Seriously.

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That might actually work and it’s a better use of the Coke than drinking it

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The Coca-Cola trick seemed like it might work when I started, but this turned into a huge mess. When it comes down to it, I can’t see myself using this tool for food prep. It’s tarnished to the point that it turns anything it touches black. :(

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