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Would obama have been better off if he chose hillary?

Asked by jca (36062points) September 6th, 2008

just wondering. i have seen questions on fluther regarding obama and biden, but not yet specifically on what if: obama and hillary would obama have a greater chance at getting more votes if it were obama/clinton instead of obama/biden?

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just to add: i know hillary has a lot of haters, but she also has a lot of people who like her. that’s what i was wondering: could obama have captured all the peeps who voted for hillary if it were obama/clinton.

you guys are funny :)


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so many sound effects.

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If he had picked her, he would have picked up a lot of her supporters. That’s for sure.
But he would have alienated thousands upon thousands of moderate and conservative voters, especially those who are critics of Bill’s administration. Hillary’s supporters ideologically agree with Obama; the moderates and conservatives not so much. Because of that, it’s easier to fight to get Hillary’s people on board with a VP choice that they don’t like. It would be nearly impossible to get people who disagree on core issues to jump on board with a VP candidate they disliked.

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It is appears that most Hillary supporters intend to vote for Obama. Although, a significant number (apprx 20%) say that they will not vote at all or may even vote McCain. However, as November approaches and the candidates become more transparent on their stance regarding certain issues – I would imagine that most of the 20% will support Obama—as his position on most issues is the same as Hillary.

Had Obama chosen Hillary as his running mate and won—his entire presidency would have been overshadowed by the Clinton(s).

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No. They would not have meshed well.

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