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Do you think the Media doing it's duty regarding VP Palin?

Asked by allengreen (1618points) September 10th, 2008

She could be our President, and she will not even do an interview (a real sit down interview, not an ABC Personality Profile)
Her is something you can do to help

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Well, if she won’t do an interview, what is the media’s duty? They have reported on her record, experience, background, family and lifestyle. Without the ability to question her directly, what more could they be doing?

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The Media’s duty is to expose the lies in her speaches, to demand interviews, and to report the implications to Democracy to have an unknown as a potential President.

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In an ideal world, the media would produce an un-biased story based on facts. Unfortunately the media in the US focuses on knee jerk emotional stories to keep our Budweiser drinking Nascar loving nation distracted.
Ohh look, he’s making another left turn!

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Well, if they haven’t been doing just that, why do we all know about it?

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aug—you and I know—Joe Six Pack does not know…..And Joe Six Pack may decide the election based on who he wants to have a beer with or who he wants to Shoot a Moose with…..

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she’s been protected long enough. time for a candid interview.

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Allen, why do you only seem to be interested in exposing the ethics and “agenda” of Republican candidates?

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…send her over to Bill O’Reilly, see if he grills her like he did Obama.

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I don’t like what I’ve been able to find out about Palin, but I’ve also encountered a fair amount of misinformation about her in the media, along with what seems to be some honest reporting about her record. There’s been a frenzied search for information because most of us know so little about her, and it has resulted in the poorer journalists jumping to conclusions before they have had a chance to check things out.

I certainly find it troubling that she won’t be interviewed. As you say, she could be our President some day, and the public has a right to know her views on the issues, just as it does with the other political candidates.

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I’d like to see politicians and the media stick to the issues. I think she is extreme in her policies and most republicans are more middle of the road.

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If you liberals are so confident that Obama is gonna win, why are you so freaked out about Sarah Palin?

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@Tabbycat- what type of misinformation are you speaking of. I have tried to keep up so as not to miss judge.

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Speaking of dishonest acts, why has there been almost no mention of Senator Biden’s teeny little problems in 1987? You know, the reason he dropped out of the presidential campaign.

In all fairness.

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@ Knotmyday – good point. I think the debates will bare some republican claws.

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I don’t know about other liberals, but I’m certainly not confident that Obama will win. I think the average American is too uninformed, unintelligent and unaccepting to vote for him. And, frankly, even if I had 100% confidence that he would be voted into office, Sarah Palin would still freak me out. It disturbs me that people who think like her exist.

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Obama said “the republicans are not good at running the country, but they are good at running for office”

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@ Bri_L – Here’s an example of inaccurate reporting where Palin is concerned:
It is about her wanting to ban specific books at a time before they had even hit the shelves.

The idea of banning books scares me, and I shudder to think of Palin becoming our President, but I don’t think that people help their cause by misrepresenting the truth.

But I would add that I have also seen better documented articles denouncing Palin’s positions. In an election as bitter as this one, you hear lots of misrepresentations on both sides.

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@tabbycat- thanks much – here is another article that goes into greater detail about what happend.

sounds like she said she said. in the end, it looks like the whole book banning part was almost secondary to establishing loyalty to her as mayor.

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@CameraObscura“Allen, why do you only seem to be interested in exposing the ethics and “agenda” of Republican candidates?”


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@CameraObscura—Are you comfortable with a canidate that talks in tounges? That bills the taxpayers for staying in her own home? That as mayor put her town under 19 million in debt? Who won’t be interviewed? Who wants Alaska to seperate from the USA?

Camera—are you an American?

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Because they’re in power? I thought you’d be able to spin it better than that, haha. I said “candidates”.

The point is, you’ve got this hardcore, in your face, truth-at-all-costs schtick going on and that’s fine, but it’d be much easier to take you seriously in that role if there was even a shred of impartiality in your daily Fluther update on democratic talking points.

I just find it little curious that you’re only interested in taking those with an “R” next to their name to task, as if Barack Obama or Joe Biden have never done anything worth mentioning in your daily crusade for ultimate truth.

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Those with the R by their name have been destroying America for the last 8–12 years—I guarentee if Obama/Biden get elected I WILL DIRECT MY IRE TO THEM WHEN DESERVED.

But if I understand correctly, Bush/Cheney are Repubs, and the Repubs controlled congress and the house for almost a decade.

Please don’t pull out McCain’s POW card in response to this.

Should we blame the Green party for our ills?

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@MacBean, tell it! She gets scarier every day.

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I wish I could type in tongues, just to freak you all out!

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type Palin in tounges—maybe she will let you interview her….

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I would love to see the media show side by side what Sarah said then vs. her actions or words now. She has flip flopped so many times I cringe to learn what she is going to do next. She has flip flopped on all of these issues: her support for the bridge to nowhere(okay maybe that is ok since the price did change), her support for open transparent government, her reasons for firing Walt Monegan (okay, technically he was offered a different job), her hiring then letting go of Monegan’s replacement, her high morals about how public officials owe the public an explanation whenever they are under investigation (while pointing the finger at Ted Stevens), her pledge to cooperate with a bipartisan legislative probe into her firing Monegan, and her request for a separate investigation.

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