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Does it look like Alaskan's are against Sarah Palin?

Asked by allengreen (1618points) September 14th, 2008
This is video that you will not see on CNN or Fox Noise….

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Let’s just hope. That rally was the largest political event in Alanskan history.

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Well, the most anti-Reagan people I’ve known were in California, and the most anti-Bush people I’ve known were in Texas. Familiarity can breed contempt.

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The anti-Palin Alaskans are vehemently anti-Palin. The rest of Alaska is head over heels in love with her. There’s “Go Sarah!”, “Our Mama Beats Obama,” etc. signs all over the place, outside businesses. Some of them were leaning towards Obama before, but now that they get a chance to “put Alaska on the map!” they’re pro Palin out of crazy, misdirected hometown pride.

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Here are some letters allegedly written by Alaskans regarding their opinion of Palin. Snopes does a pretty good job of sorting out which are true and which aren’t.

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Wow. 1200 people. I think I played to bigger crowds back in high school football. What’s her approval rating in Alaska? 90+%?

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Didn’t plenty of people from Arkansas hate Bill Clinton? I don’t get the point.

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@cameraObscura – I saw a picture of the 1200 people. Looked more like 800, huddled into a light up corner of an otherwise darkened parking garage. I also saw the video of hundreds of anti-Palin’s with signs, lining the streets of Anchorage.

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Whoever said there are “Go Sarah” and “McCain-Palin” signs all over, no, they aren’t. In fact, I finally ran across the first one I’ve seen yesterday and that was in Wasilla. Don’t get me wrong. Alaska is a very Republican State and there are many here having the heady experience of being courted by the media and being given attention simply because we’re Alaskans, but not all of us are automatically Palin simply because she’s an Alaskan. I like her fine as a human being, she really does make a mean mooseburger, but as my potential veep or, heaven forbid, the Prez? No, she’s not ready.

Of course, many do support her. I even had the heady moment initially of thinking how cool, “I’ve never know a vice president before. Maybe I’ll get a White House invite,” so there is a certain, wow-ness to her choice. We’re used to being ignored up here, quite frankly. Yet, people don’t universally support her. In addition to the huge group of protesters in Anchorage the other day, a group of about 25 gathered along a street here one day last week to protest the Palin choice— btw, “here” equals Wasilla, Palin’s hometown—which was a darn gutsy move, She has a history of “repaying” those who don’t support her, so, no, not all Alaskans support Palin.

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@Alaska: Thanks for the first-hand insight.

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You’re welcome. I have to drive over to Palmer today, which will take me out of Wasilla, so I’ll try to remember to keep my eyes open and count any signs I see. I actually live in the same general neighborhood as the Palin family, btw, tho’ I’m on the hillside and they’re lakeside with Parks Hwy. between, so I’m genuinely surprised I haven’t seen more. Lots of Ted Stevens signs, tho’, sigh, but that’s a whole other story. Ha

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1400 demonstrators…the same number of people that go to the local high school…now it would be something if it had been 14000 but i don’t think there are that many anti-palin women in that state.

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CameraObscura—thanks, you are the foremost authority on such issues, and that was a really profound observations.

How is your war criminal Preznits doing?

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Well, for what it’s worth, and it isn’t worth much cos it’s purely unscientific, I just drove over 35 miles, including just some random driving in Palmer, and found three pro-Palin signs, two at the same business. On the other hand, despite his legal problems, Sen. Ted Stevens signs are to be seen scattered about at fairly regular intervals. Heck, there are four within a two block radius of my house.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there is lots of support here for Palin but have to admit that I’m surprised it isn’t more visible. The photos I have seen of Palin signs seem for the most part to be located north of Wasilla in the general area of a community known as Meadow Lake.

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@Alaska, there are a lot of McCain-Palin signs in Soldotna, Kenai, Sterling and Nikiski. Even a video billboard outside a business in Soldotna.

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Then again, how much credit can we give Alaskans? The’ve re-elected Ted Stevens, how many times? The mother of corruption, the indicted….Ted Stevens!

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So true, so true, tho’ in my defense, I’ve never voted for him. The gal that let me camp out in her guest room while I was house hunting here hated, absolutely hated the man, so I’ve never followed the man other than in the headlines. That said, he has lots of support in my neighborhood if the signs are any indication.

Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich may give him some serious competition in November, tho’ where Stevens is concerned, never take anything for granted. To be fair, he has done good things for Alaska, using those dang earmarks to get some very basic infrastructure in place that was once lacking, but his arrogance is, well, just amazing. Between his indictment and trial, Don Young’s problems, Palin’s selection and the ever increasingly bizarre TrooperGate investigation, life in Alaska sure isn’t dull on the political front, that’s for sure.

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I used to work with your old Gov’s nephew, Hinkle or Hinkel——he was a gov contractor and those guys put me up in a beach house in Hawaii while we were doing some building on Kanohe Marine Base….those guys were great guys…

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Ahh, Wally Hickel. He was truly America’s Hottest Governorâ„¢.

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His nephew’s name was Vern——this was 1988, RG&B Contracting

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I couldn’t stay long, I was on the clock for a photo assignment, but just came past an Obama rally here in Wasilla. Although it has been raining and is somewhere in the 40’s temperature wise, I counted at least 50 people. That didn’t include kids too young to have had any say on whether they were there or not. Some official campaign signs but mostly handmade and lots of car horns tooting in support during just the short time I was able to stop. Lots of Mark Begich signs, too. He’s running against Ted Stevens for the senate spot.

So, to respond further to the original questions, while some may think this is a small turnout, for this area, it’s huge, especially since it’s Palin’s hometown. Still not sure people are turning against her but even some staunchly Rep. friends are very disturbed by the stonewalling on the TrooperGate case, so only time will tell

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Yeah, I am a Republican in Alaska but I feel totally betrayed on TrooperGate and dont think she can be trusted.

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