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Can you help me with my laptop battery troubles?

Asked by JLeslie (61541points) October 6th, 2020 from iPhone

I have an HP, and suddenly it wasn’t charging the battery when plugged in. It went from the battery lasting hours, to not being able to charge the battery at all. Then, it started working again, and still was holding a charge for hours. That didn’t last.

Now, the battery symbol in the corner has an X over the battery. When I go to my control panel my battery shows charged 100%. It is not 100%, it has 5 seconds and the laptop is off.

I’ve googled and tried a few things, but nothing is working.

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It is probably over 5 years old. Computer batteries don’t last much longer.
There are computer repair shops that will install a new battery for somewhere in the neighborhood of $80.

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@filmfann I put in a new battery not too long ago. Like I said it was holding hours of charge and suddenly the battery wouldn’t charge. SUDDENLY. Not like I was getting 3 hours and then it was less and less over 6 months time. The little battery symbol in the right hand lower corner would show the battery filling when I plugged in, but it stopped doing that, and then more recently it has an X over the battery symbol.

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I doubt it’s your charger, but I don’t know everything. I suppose it could be, but I doubt your computer would show 100%.
How long ago did you replace the battery?

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Ebay, buy a replacement

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I had a problem many years ago with a Dell and it was the socket on the side of the laptop not battery or charger.

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