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Why does Pelosi not accept the $1.8 trillion offer from Mnuchin?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) October 13th, 2020

By all accounts, Mnuchin’s offer includes direct payment to taxpayers, and extra funds for the PPP program. It also contains direct assistance to the airlines. The administration has indicated willingness to do piecemeal deals. So why does Pelosi not accept the good parts of Trump’s offer and continue negotiations on the rest of the package?


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Trump said he would veto it, Senate Republicans said they won’t pass it, and it is heavily tilted to give more money to the top 1%, not ongoing support for the unemployed.

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@zenvelo “Trump said he would veto it”. I thought this was Trump’s own proposal!

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@crazyguy Trump changes his mind twice a day. He is still in a covid brain fog. And it isn’t Trump’s deal, it was Mnuchin’s.

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@crazyguy That is from last week. A lot has happened in between last Friday and now. The White House keeps changing what it wants; the latest is piece meal spending while negotiations continue.

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Because Pelosi was too stupid to negotiate the terms Dems wanted when she actually had leverage back in March. Instead she gave away trillions of taxpayer dollars to corporations, and the American people got a one-time payment, and no support for state/local. It only goes to prove the point that when it comes to real decisions, we have one party. But don’t pay attention to that, let’s talk about how outrageous that wet ass pussy song is!

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Because accepting that offer would help people but would not pass the pork the Dems want.

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Perhaps such blatant and open socialism afflicts Pelosi’s conscience.

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@zenvelo Thanks for pointing out the date on my link. I had not realized how dated the story was. Piecemeal spending, I think, will be better because the spending will be targeted and there will be fewer pages on which to bury the pork.

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@stanleybmanly Targeted relief for abnormal conditions is not socialism.

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That’s a novel and truly original point of view!!!

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@crazyguy Piecemeal spending, I think, will be better…there will be fewer pages on which to bury the pork.

It’s the pork that gets things done in these Congress!

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@Strauss So true. And sooo sad.

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