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Do you know how much extra walking is imposed by a cart-paths only rule in a round of golf?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) October 13th, 2020

Today, my wife and I played at the Journey at Pechanga in Temecula. My phone shows I walked 3.3 miles. Normally, during a round at my normal course, my walking distance is about 2 miles. The temperature today was over 100 degrees, so my wife and I really felt tired.

What is the experience of golfers on this platform?

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If you only walk two miles on a normal day, you are either playing at a pitch and putt or only playing nine holes. A “normal” golf course is usually around 5,500 yards (three plus miles).

And your wife probably drove the cart to the lie of her ball, not yours, and you walked to where she had parked the cart. You could have been much more efficient.

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@zenvelo When we walk the course (which we usually do) our distance is 5.5 miles or so. The two miles is on days that we ride.

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Courses vary, so it might be difficult to compare. This document from where I live talks about yardages for our 18 hole courses to help choose tees.

Page 7 of the pdf (page 5 of the document) shows how varied the yardages are from course to course. We have over thirty 9 hole courses in the city also, but they aren’t listed here.

That maybe isn’t helpful to your question though.

Better players will walk less I would think.

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Too many variables. At minimum you will walk the yardage from the back tees. Most courses will have you walk past the back tees to get to you preferred tee. The distance from green to the next tee can be quite substantial and the card will never tell you that. As for ‘Cart Path Only’, there is an unwritten law that your ball will always be on the opposite side of the fairway from the cart path.This can also add significant yardage to your walk. As a guess, I would say twice the yardage from the back tees would be a rough guess.

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@JLeslie @Jaxk Thnks for your answers. I have been walking my course for the last four years and my average round involves about 5.5 miles and 27 floors. When I ride a golf cart, my walking is essentially from the cart to the green, from the cart to the tee box and from the green to the cart; that alone comes to 2 to 2.5 miles. Now those are distances for the course my wife and I usually play. When we play a different course, distances are typically longer because one or the other of us is wilder. Thew round I am talking about was at a different course and they had a cart path only rule because they were in the midst of growing their roughs. Most of our walking was to and from the carts because of Jaxk’s rule: the ball was always on the other side!

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