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Do you bleach your hair at home? Please help me understand how to follow the instruction "avoid scalp"!

Asked by marmoset (1260points) October 15th, 2020

This will be my first time bleaching at home (due to pandemic) but I’ve had it done a lot in a salon. I think this is a universal question, but the brand I’ll use is Manic Panic, 30 volume.

My hair isn’t very long and I bleach all of it. It’s brown, like a 4, and I want to get it to a 9, very light blonde (a 10 isn’t required for the color I want to dye it).

The directions say to avoid the scalp. I just don’t get how to avoid the scalp while still getting all the hair / while not leaving roots brown.

(Bleaching is really painful for me, even with painkillers, so if I can have less scalp contact that would be great!!)

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I go to someone (a colorist). My advice is to have a friend do it for you.

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Before even bleaching your hair make sure that you condition it well ahead of time as bleaching when your hair is damaged, dry, or split ends will cause one to lose there hair.

It shouldn’t be painful, if it is then don’t bleach your hair.
You have sensitivity to these products.
Take care as a teen acquaintance of mine years ago dyed her hair all colors within a few months , first blond, then red, then purple etc then she lost all of her hair!

She was under age 16 yrs old and went completely bald! It took years before her hair grew back with much treatments and meds to recover from the shock on her scalp.

She wore expensive wigs in the meantime.

Remember that these are chemicals.

Get a professional to do it the first time rather than experimenting.

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Wow, with a sensitive head (I have never needed painkillers for a hairdo) I would definately go to a professional. They are wanting you to do the hair strands but not just rub it all into your scalp.

Just fyi, you can cause permanent hair loss and scalp burns if you aren’t careful.

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^Agree. I know it’s bad timing and all, but I wouldn’t do it myself. Bleach is so much harder on your hair and scalp then just using a color. And I’ve seen way too many bad bleach jobs that turn orange. Wait and go to a professional.

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@chyna Especially for such a huge lift in color, I’d be terrified. haha!

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My sister is a licensed beautician. This is what she says.
“You absolutely do not want the bleaching product to contact the scalp, but you want to get the bleach as close to the scalp as possible. The bleaching must be stopped at just the right time before color can be put into the hair. If you are not careful, your hair can be destroyed and the hair can fall out.”
This is not a job for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. See a professional!!!

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Thank you all! I think you’re onto something with the thoughts about an allergy because this didn’t really hurt, so maybe my salon is using something either way more intense or with an ingredient I’m allergic to! Anyway, it turned out beautifully light, slightly streaked but I’ll learn better about even application. Now for the next step of bright color!

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Good to hear that it worked out!

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