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What are you gonna be fir Halloween?

Asked by glitterrrrfish (222points) September 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I need some ideas

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A fir tree.

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Maybe a sunflower, I was roadkill last year, haha

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addendum: I’m not dressing as fir tree; I was merely suggesting it to glitterrrrrrrrrrrfish.

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Really, aidje? Me too. I am going for a Douglas Fir, Doug for short.

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I’m gonna be a pirate. Argh!

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was dread pirate roberts last ween, this ween I’m sporting a chainsaw hand and representing Evil Dead. Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!

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@marina: Not really. I was joking. And if you’re joking too, then it’s going over my head, and I’m assuming you’re serious.

I’m not going to tell you people what I’m dressing as. If I do, then you’ll rip me off and then there will be two of us with the same costume and everyone will see both of us wearing the same costume and then they’ll be like “hey look at those losers wearing the same costume” and they won’t know that it was my idea first and then you stole it from me thus ruining the coolness of my costume by having there be two costumes that were the same./run-on-rant

Actually, in all seriousness, my friend and I are dressing as different permutations of the same character.

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Was joking. In seriousness, I don’t know yet.

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I usually dress up as a Jedi, but considering we don’t do Halloween in Australia I normally get some very strange looks, and limited candy.

This year I plan to dress up as Dr. Manhattan, I’ll do some body building, sit in a bath of blue paint and walk around naked.

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@trenchant: Groovy.

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I’ll dress up as a pirate, and when someone asks, “Where are your buccaneers?”

I’ll reply, “They’re underneath my BUCKIN’ HAT!”

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I was gonna dress up as a NUDIST, until someone mentioned that that would be impossible.

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I’m dressing up as a postman.

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i’m thinking of being an airbending, v for vendetta mask wearing, jedi.
but i’ll probably end up being a dead cheerleader or something like that.

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I am dressing up as a cave woman, my husband is dressing up as a cave man! I am going to put a chicken bone and all in my hair, smut on my face, etc. :)
I love Halloween, I think I get more of a kick out of it, than my child.

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i’ve been a fairy the past few years so i gotta find something new and exciting this year. not sure what it’s gonna be yet but i’m pumped for it :)

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Don’t try to dress up as a fairy in San Francisco.

You’ll just get into trouble…

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Im going to dress up as a catfish. People can call me Mr. Whiskers.

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I always like to dress all in gray and go as a “shadow of my former self.”

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For years, I’ve been meaning to dress up as Daria. I doubt many here in Canada will recognize me, though.

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My friend turned me into a Tim Curry fan, so even though we’re 16 and 15, we’re both going as wadsworth, Frank N Furter, and King Arthur. For the King Arthur, we split coconuts so we could go around clanging them together. it will be quite interesting. Last year I went as the Sheriff of Nottingham and a drew a beard on me.

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Whoa. Mrs Dr Frank N Furter, where have you been?

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@Mrs_Dr_F: Did you send a friend our way recently?

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I’m gonna be a flapper girl
Wat do y’all think?

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I had to Google that. Sounds cool =D

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@glitterrrrfish: Respectfully, I don’t believe being a flapper is a good idea.

I may be a little old-fashioned, I guess, but I would encourage you to wear a bra with your costume.

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@marina Oh. Oops.

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I mean it’s Halloween, the one day you can be a whore without awkward states and snickers. Not that I’m going to look like one.

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states*** I meant stares

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