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Are the kids going to be allowed to trick or treat in your area?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (942points) 5 days ago

Seems like it is being cancelled in my town because of the virus. Not very happy about that?

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yes, with the usual precautions. There are several public drive throughs planned as well.

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@ YARNLADY That might be an option in our town as well, the drive through thing. They are are still hashing it around supposedly.

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Must be nice @Dutchess_III. Seems as if you and YARNLADY live in sensible areas. Still up in the air here in our part of CenTex. We’ll see I guess.

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I have no idea, I can’t seem to find out. (I don’t have children, so no grapevine for me)

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@anniereborn Just grand kids for me. Only four still young enough to care and one of them is only two. All excited about “Go night get candy?” Lol poor little guy.

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Our town has planned alternative festivities for the families. I’m happy with the solution.

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My guess is yes. Kids don’t ever trick or treat in my community, but they do in neighboring ones. I found this link with October activities for events in my county.

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Update: I looked it up. Yes my town is having it. Only for two hours though.

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Southern NY area, north of NYC here. There’s a party at an orchard from 3 to 5. After that, kids can trick or treat. My daughter is 13 and she doesn’t want to go. Her friends might go and they invited her to a sleepover afterwards, so I’m not sure what I’m doing as far as handing out candy or if she is going door to door, then I will have to accompany her. I have candy from Costco just in case I’m staying home.

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They’re very strongly discouraging it. They haven’t outright banned it, but they’re pleading with parents to not let their kids trick-or-treat.

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Allowed? Sure. You can’t stop people from dressing up in costumes, and you can’t stop people from knocking on doors. But just because something is allowed doesn’t make it a good idea.

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I doubt it. We’re getting about 1500 new cases diagnosed daily.

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@anniereborn I learned that there are no restrictions from my city’s Facebook page.

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In the neighborhood yes, Downtown trick or treat and other community events are canceled. I’m still not giving out candy though.

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Well, I am. I wish Halloween would hurry up and get here before I eat all the Halloween candy Rick bought!

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