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Should Trump be campaigning in Hell?

Asked by filmfann (49149points) October 18th, 2020

Trump is trying to reinforce his election chances by appealing to those who voted for him last time. Since many are dead (because of him) due to Covid, should he start making speeches at the Gates of Hell?
What would he say/promise?

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Or put him in an ICU and watch them die ! Wherever they go . .

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You mean he hasn’t already?

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I heard he wanted to get into hell to campaign there, but they wouldn’t let him in because of his hair.

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He and his scumbag supporters are cheering for the terrorists who were planning to murder the governor of Michigan. He should be campaigning in prison.

Detroit News – October 17, 2020 – President Trump prompts anti-Whitmer chants of ‘lock her up’

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@Call_Me_Jay and the fright wing claim the left is all hate.
The hate filled rhetoric that comes out of Trump,the Fright wing defending it all,then spinning it saying the left is just all hate.

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His followers can’t seem to grasp that they’re being led by a bratty little toddler.

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I can’t decide weather it’s a bratty little toddler, or a Mafia king pin, or a rich CEO that has had his commands carried out his entire life.

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All of the above, but paired with a substandard brain function.

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I’m picturing his speech include something like:
“Wow! A lot of sulphur down here! That could be a great energy source! Mine it, and I can make you all millionaires!”

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I wish he would. But I think the devil would tell him, “listen your are my best MVP Player of all time, but these guys are mine now.” “Get out!”

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Huh. Today I learned that yelling “Lock her up” means “Let’s kidnap and murder her” Thought they meant two different things.

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@Call_Me_Jay for President…LOCK HIM UP!!!

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@SergeantQueen Trump had two options. One. He could’ve said I believe she’s overreaching in her covid response. Or two. People need to vote her out. But what she is doing is not criminal. Trump sees her as being a criminal because she opposes him but is actually trying to save lives. He knows that there are people who look at her through his eyes and believe she is a criminal that needs to be killed. He is inciting and condoning this behavior.

I remember when McCain told a lady in a town hall that Obama was not a Muslim terrorist and that he was a good American. I almost voted for him because I knew very little about Obama and Trusted that McCain loved our Nation and the people in it, but then I saw Sarah Palin and went hell no. McCain would’ve never thought of trying to jail his opponent to win because he wasn’t an authoritarian ass hat.

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I don’t agree with that chant. But it isn’t the same as wishing death on someone.

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@SergeantQueen I think you would see it differently if you were the governor being targeted and it was your family. He still refuses to repudiate these people and or at least their behavior as well. He is fanning the flame. If someone who admires you had plans to kill a neighbor because their dog barks, wouldn’t you tell them never do that. It’s not that hard. He can say he doesn’t agree with Whitmer and at the same time support peaceful protest and be anti-violence. He would come up smelling like roses. But he is in silent agreement with them by not repudiating their violent ideas and trying to criminalize her. You don’t have to say the words go kill her when you stand back and applaud them. The message is clear. He believes she deserves whatever happens to her or her family. When you criminalize the victim and stay silent about the criminals then you are in agreement with them.

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