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What did you think of Obama’s speech in Philadelphia?

Asked by JLeslie (61774points) October 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

Do you think Obama’s speech in Philadelphia will help get people to the polls and influence swing voters?

My favorite line is Beijing Barry. Lol.

Do you think this is a little late? I kept wondering why wasn’t he out there a month ago? Millions have voted already.

If you are voting for Trump, did anything Obama say still ring true for you, even though it doesn’t change your vote?

Here’s a link to the speech.

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I’ve been watching it now. It’s a great speech but I don’t think it will or was designed to make Trump supporters change their minds. They won’t and we wouldn’t. Its main purpose is to convince people who might not have voted to vote for Biden and I think it may be effective for that.

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Have to add that one remark made me chuckle. Obama said Biden’s folks taught him that nobody was better than him and he was better than nobody. I thought that would make a great campaign slogan “Joe Biden – he’s better than nobody!”

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I heard snippets of it on the radio this morning. They were saying he’s funny and he should be a host on SNL.

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Made me miss him even more.

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I miss having a president who can speak in full, well thought out sentences.

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When I heard he was campaigning for Biden, I had the initial thought of “why?” He didn’t support Biden in 2016, he has never really showed any support for Biden, and he hasn’t campaigned so far. So why now? Something seems odd there.

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@JLeslie Yes, but Biden was running in 2016 and Obama didn’t support him then, Biden was campaigning for the nomination and Obama didn’t support him then. When he was nominated and started campaigning for POTUS, Obama didn’t come out then. Basically, he has kept a distance from Joe for this entire time. And now Biden is supposedly going to walk away with the win, if you believe the polls. It’ll be a land slide. So why go make campaign speeches now?

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@seawulf575: As for Obama in 2015 (as the winner was chosen by 2016), I am wondering if it’s because the President (Obama) wouldn’t actively campaign until the party (in this case, the Democrats), has chosen its nominee. So when the Democrats chose McCain as their nominee, then President Obama campaigns on McCain’s behalf. It wouldn’t make sense for the President to campaign for someone if they don’t end up being the nominee, because that would be 1. confusing and 2. a waste of time.

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@JLeslie: Right. Woops.

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@jca2 I get that. But let’s face it…Biden was Obama’s VP for 8 years. You’d think that when Biden announced he was running Obama, if he really felt Biden was worthy, would have stated so at that time. And even if you pull the Hillary effect, that doesn’t carry over into this election. Obama has been basically silent on support for Biden. Until now…2 weeks before the election when the polls say he will win in a landslide. So why now?

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@seawulf575 Hillary was Obama’s Secretary of State and she had been considered for VP. It’s not surprising he didn’t support one over the other in the primary. He let the voters decide. Maybe he thought they were both good candidates.

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@JLeslie But in this election, Hillary isn’t a player. It is only Biden. And so far, Obama has been pretty distant…until now. During this elections primaries, Obama never came out and really went to bat for Biden. He hasn’t done any real supporting functions for him at all. Until now. So why now?

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@seawulf575 I’m sure there were many campaign strategists who figured that out. My guess is that they thought this would be the most effective use of the time he had to give. What’s the point of trying to second guess it?

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@seawulf575 I think Obama should have made that speech a month ago. Now, was a little late in my opinion, but maybe as @janbb said, they felt now was better. It’s too late to register to vote in some states at this point, so that is why I think it is late. A lot of the voting has happened already also, although swing voters are probably last minute voters. Apprehensive Republicans who were going to not vote might get motivated the last minute. Die hard Bernie Bros might vote in the last minutes.

Maybe he preferred not to get involved, but now that they think it could be close he decided to do something. I really don’t know.

Last time Democrats thought Hillary would win. This time they think anything can happen and now it is stupid to assume anything.

You are reading more into than it is I think.

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