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Do you expect riots after the election no matter who wins?

Asked by chyna (47154points) October 28th, 2020 from iPhone

What a question! I would never have thought of this in any previous elections, but now it’s a real concern to me. I was going to go on a 4 day weekend to the beach after the election with friends, but we decided against it not knowing what will be happening at that time. It seems like a very real possibility to me. How about you? Do you think it will happen and how bad are you expecting the damage to be?

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Unfortunately, no.

Who would “riot” if Trump wins? Liberals have a distaste for direct action, and I can’t see the left hitting the streets over a Democrat.

I would guess we could see some activity if Biden wins, as the plot has been set that defines a Biden win as illegitimate. But “riot”?

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If Trump wins then the major cities will be burned to the ground.
If Biden wins then all is well.

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There might be some protesting.

Half the country will be in a depression or disbelief.

I think if there is rioting it will be in a few hot spots, but not massive all over the country. Although, I do understand why you feel concerned. The anger and fear level is so high and one side of the aisle is gun happy and their extremists are writing #riseup across social media.

Probably not in your vacation spot, but I don’t know where you are going. You’ll have a few days to see what’s going on before the weekend so maybe that will help you feel better before you go.

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If Trump doesn’t win then obviously the election has been rigged.

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If Biden wins, there will be daily assassination attempts by the right.

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If Biden loses at least he will likely call for calm in the country. I doubt Trump will do that.

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If Biden wins, the Proud Boys are standing by and ready to do as they’re told.

If Trump wins, we can thank Russia and China and whoever else.

My daughter told me yesterday that people on her social media are saying there will be “big booms” after Election Day.

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I think there will be some localized violence in some areas. I do not think the cities will be burned to the ground.

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I don’t think the issue is who wins, but how they win. If the result is close and disputed, we may see some chaos.

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According to some of the “Fright wingers” I know; if Trump wins on Wednesday the “China Flu” will be magically gone. SMDH !

They say it was made-up to hurt Trumps chances of winning! SMDH Twice ! !

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Riots? Probably not.
Protests? Absolutely!

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Yes I do. If Trump wins the blue states will not just riot ! The people will be furnishing their homes with new appliances , flat screens , running shoes and just anything they can get their thieving hands on.
If Biden wins all will be quiet. Funny how that works.

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@Aster Sorry to disappoint, I don’t understand. I’m from a blue state. How do I get my new TV and running shoes?

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@Aster: “Funny how that works.”

Your mind?

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@janbb watch the news. It will tell you all you need to know. Then follow the crowds to Walmart .

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Oh – you’re talking about Black Friday – now I understand!

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If you want to compare views after a month, this is essentially the same thing I asked here:

I’m recalling that in the days following Trump’s electoral college rout in 2016, there were not only very grim faces everywhere in my area of Northern California but a lot of conspicuously angry driving on the freeway. One thing I plan to do for the whole first week of November is stay home, even if we have to eat oatmeal for supper three nights in a row.

Predicting a glum Thanksgiving right across the board. Even the folks who are happy won’t be happy.

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@Jeruba I’m taking that Thursday and Friday off and hunkering down.

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It is likely that Trump will be in the lead on election day, because of the high percentage of Democrats who are voting by mail. Trump said that he will not accept votes counted after election day, and will take the issue to the Supreme Court if necessary. Things are going to get interesting.

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tRump apparently just told his supporters to shoot Biden if he wins.

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@YARNLADY Not even a new tactic, he did that with Clinton, too.

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I expect issues, regardless of the outcome. To what extent?
We’ll have to wait and see…..

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Well, if tRump’s supporters take out Biden then they’ll have Harris, and I’m sure they don’t want that.

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They will just murder both.
After drumpf failed to condemn both the attempted abduction of the Michigan Governor and the planned assassination of Biden, they will feel emboldened and justified.

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No. And I’m not taking any bets.

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There were death threats on Leslie Stahl after a mere interview. I can’t imagine what could happen after a Biden win.

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Maybe. Like someone above said, it may depend on the process of the votes. We know some states have issues every year with re-counts so hopefully the winner annihilates the other candidate.

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Except for the top one, how are any of the “Related” questions on the right…er…related? :-)

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@canidmajor Good question. The eternal mysteries of the keyword algorithm.

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@canidmajor Good question!

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I just thought it was cute, especially considering the serious nature of the subject.

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Rioting will not wane whilever iniquity and inequity prevail.

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Republicans aren’t dumb enough to destroy their own cities.

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They go to other people’s cities.

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@JLeslie ^^^ that is correct.

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@JLeslie You win the Internet with that one, today.

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@JLeslie Great Answer!

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Thank you. :)

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@JLeslie and which cities would that be exactly?

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@cheebdragon From what I understand the Bugaloo bois went from Texas to Minnesota to shoot up some things according to this article.. From what I remember they were implicated in the Richmond riots. There are people from the alt-right protesting with guns intimidating people, like at the Michigan Capital. They did it in Charlottesville. They don’t need to actually fire the gun to cause terror and harm.

There are parts of the left and the right coming into cities and wreaking havoc. Are you going to try to say it is only Democrats? How about we just all agree there are fringe organizations that are in the country and we need to address it. Trump calls them anarchists, and everyone seems to be thinking he means antifa only, but if the country was not so crazy, and if Trump didn’t double talk all the time, maybe we could just realize that the many of the alt-right libertarian types are anarchists too. They are destructive to our nation.

Why do people get so defensive? When I hear the ultra-orthodox Jews are having a thousand people at a wedding and not wearing masks, I don’t get defensive that people are being antisemitic. Why do conservatives get upset when someone accuses radical right Trump voters about destructive behavior? Or, Democrats get upset about radical left destructive behavior? We should all be condemning the violent behavior.

Remember when 9/11 happened and people were calling for Muslims to condemn the extremists? I am saying the same thing.

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Proud Boys support all the superficial macho aspects of Trump’s and like being bullies. They seem to be more armed than any stable personality ever needs to be and would probably boil over into causing bloodshed with little provocation. I do worry a bit these people and what sorts of things they could do with a lot of bullets aimed at “those people”.

Bugaloo Bois openly promote civil war. They are more seriously armed than Proud Boys armed and better-qualified to use use what they have. Over half are former military and a lot of the rest are former police. I worry about these guys no matter who wins the election. They don’t care who’s in the White House and they are training to start a revolution.
The FBI are watching these people closely, and hopefully will catch these activities in the conspiray stages.

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@JLeslie That’s just so horrible.

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@janbb I find it so upsetting. I also disagreed with rioting at college campuses to stop guest speakers from going ahead with their planned engagements. Plus, we hear of death threats all to often. This is what I mean about the country needs to stop being so political and divided and come together against these fringe elements that threaten violence and stoke fear. I am tired of it.

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The pres condoned the attack on Biden’s convoy. It sounds to me like he is deliberately trying to get his opponent killed. He recently mentioned Biden getting shot an Harris becoming president.

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^He’s an asshole bully.

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@ragingloli He is in “Panic Mode”, now it is starting to sink-in he might not be “King for the Day ” on Wednesday !

He hoping to intimidate late voters to not vote, too late in my state. In my area 60 plus percent of the voters have voted and 55% are registered Democrats (also were people of color). Only 22% were registered Republicans. North Carolina is a “must have state” for
Trump to win.

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People are boarding up their businesses. Very smart in case Trump wins. This is going to get wild.

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@Aster Interesting remark since so far the violence we’ve heard about has been from the far right. (See link above if it hasn’t been reported in your media.)

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It’s a pathetic remark if Seattle and Portland are largely Republican.

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People will do anything at this point. They disguise themselves as the other side, they make death threats against their own to make it seem like it is the other side. It is all outrageous at this point. I want the FBI and CIA to get to the real people doing it, but the average person is going to have a problem deciphering what is really happening in real time at least part of the time, so as Americans who want peace we can just say no to violence and rioting period. It is the only way. This party blame game has to stop. We can blame Trump for inciting his extremist followers, but simply blaming all Republicans or all Democrats is not going to help us. If Republicans were simply calling for an end to violence, instead of blaming Antifa and Democrats, and Democratic run cities, wouldn’t it be better? If Democrats also were simply saying no more rioting, wouldn’t it be better? Give the extremists the message Americans are not ok with the behavior period, even people on their own side.

Unless you want the rioting, then go right ahead.

Even if Trump wins, I would hope most Republicans have a cut off point where they say, “hold on, it is going too far, we are losing our country.” Unfortunately it has not been soon enough, but I hold out hope. We do have some Republican politicians who are speaking out, we do have Republicans saying they have made mistakes bringing us to this point.

The left has been wrong, in my opinion, about being freaked out about curfews and other measures that were taken by cities regarding covid. Often it was cities run by Democrats.

People need to get a grip. Open their eyes. Look at history and look at what is actually happening.

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