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Can someone ever pitch a movie or TV show idea to a company from another country?

Asked by Catnip5 (345points) November 6th, 2020

What do you think?

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Of course. You can pitch an idea to any company you want. This is especially common with tech startups, but there’s nothing preventing someone from pitching an idea to a production company in another country.

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A lot of shows start in one country and then are sold all over the world.

For example, according to this site there are 40 international co-productions of Sesame Street, starting in Mexico in 1972 and most recently in Syria in 2020.

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One thing to be careful of – when you pitch an idea, make sure that there’s some sort of legal protection so that the company in another country can’t steal your idea and make it theirs.

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One big hurdle is making sure the idea you pitch “works” in the other countries Culture and language.

When Chevy tried to see the Chevy Nova to Latin America, they didn’t realize that in Spanish, “Nova” is no va, or “no go”. Tough name for a car.

A local bicycle racing club in Northern California was trying to imitate Italian clubs, and named itself to be “The Road is Always Hard” but in Italian. They had jerseys with their name on it, “Strada Sempre Duro”. When they did a tour of Italy, locals all laughed, because “Sempre Duro” is Italian slang for “hard on”.

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