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My friend who smokes is visiting me, yay! Any tips for keeping his fabrics from leaving the smell in mine?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) November 13th, 2020

It will be around a 3-day visit. He only smokes outside and I think only a few times a day, but cigarette smell is so tough for me that I’m looking to help his clothes and bags leave as little smell as possible after he leaves. He’s happy to work with me here – anything we should think about, aside from not letting his fabrics sit around on my fabrics?

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If he’s only smoking outside and visiting just a few days I personally wouldn’t worry about it at all.

You can cover your sofas if you really are very worried.

All the bed linens you’ll be washing, so that’s not an issue. Plus, he’ll be in bed in his pajamas. Is he smoking in his pajamas?

Use a carpet freshener if you have carpet (the powder ones) and the whole house should smell like new. Use it sparingly, you do not need to use a lot to freshen up the house. Vacuum it up well. I always smell it at the store to make sure I like it.

Clean the kitchen and floors right after your friend leaves. Whatever you usually use, Fabuloso, Pine Sol, Mr. Clean, Murphy’s Oil Soap, whatever it is.

If you can smell cig in the fabric of your sofas (I really doubt this will happen, most of his cig smell is on the front of his clothing) after a week, after cleaning the house, you can always clean the fabric.

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What @JLeslie said and I would get a bottle of Fabreeze Fabric Spray. You can always go around and spray furniture, pillows, curtains, etc. after your house guest has gone to bed.

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Febreeze stinks. Once you’ve applied it somewhere, you will never be able to remove those chemicals from that item. I have a wonderful second-hand shirt that I’ll have to get rid of because of that “lovely” Febreeze residue.

Febreeze in carpets can cause health problems for animals.

You might want to call a “no residue” carpet and upholstery cleaning company instead.

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I don’t like Febreeze either. I have a bottle I have been trying to finish for 10 years. I use it in my trash when it starts to smell before it is full. I spray it in the trash and then use a plastic grocery bag to cap off that section of the trash. It works.

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Just wash your clothes after he leaves.

I don’t understand under what circumstances his clothes would be mingling with yours to such an extent that the smoke smell…or his body oder…would mingle with your clothes.

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You could start removing fabrics and storing them somewhere else. Rugs and curtains that aren’t necessary, for example. Also, make sure the blankets he uses can be washed easily and at high temperatures. Remember to provide a separate space for his coat to hang.

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Give your friend a jacket to wear when they go out to smoke and keep it outside. It should protect their clothing from the smoke. And if they use a mouth spray it will lessen the smoke smell off there breath. The next thing is ask them to air out at least 5 minutes before coming in and wash their hands. Often the smell is more from their breath and hands.

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And it is so gross.

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