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Is Tucker Carlson/Fox News running scared?

Asked by LadyMarissa (11145points) November 19th, 2020

Do you think Tucker Carlson of Fox News means any of this or is he finally dealing with the facts that he’s about to lose part of his audience now that Fox has fallen out of favor with the current administration? It’s hard for me to comprehend that the man who has been spewing forth such vile statements for the last 4 years is suddenly looking at our world through rose colored glasses. Is your memory so short that you will forget so easily?

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I never watch Fox, and I particularly never watch Carlson, so what he thinks (and whether he is scared) is of no concern to me.

I can say that from everything I have read, he is as trustworthy as a rattlesnake. So if he looks kind tonight, he’s likely coiling up and preparing to sink his deadly fangs into someone else.

I hope that Fox is running scared, and I hope they lose influence and advertising and money. The Fox talking heads -in fact the Fox milieu – has done more to the divide and destroy this country than any other media outlet in history.

When history books are written, Fox will rightly be blamed for the reduction in American influence and power. So – if Fox dies, a will shed no tears. And if Carlson goes down with the shit, mazel tov.

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I don’t watch Fox either, and I’ve barely ever even seen this doofus, but I get the impression from this clip that he’s a sleazebag panicking and trying to pretend to be a nature lover after having backed the worst POTUS for the environment ever, who is still currently trying to sell rights to drill for oil in public wilderness in Alaska as fast as he can, etc.

And what the actual &*%@ with the “Americans are still the best people” pandering idiocy?

This guy is clearly not the best people. I feel like I’ve been slimed after watching him for minute!

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Ditto @elbanditoroso I try at all costs to avoid Fox “News”. They have boxed themselves into a corner folks. The times they are a-changin’.

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Excuse my language one post above.

I wrote the onomatopoeia of someone puking.
But I had only watched half when I did.
I accidentally let the other half run, and I now want to know what the onomatopoeia is for someone who’s also having diarrhea.

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That would probably be some form of “blat” @rebbel. (Is onomatopoeia a new word for you?)

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He still frames his observations in terms of anti immigrant white middle class viewers. All that stuff about “feel what your ancestors felt when they first saw…” and ignoring the 40 percent complicit racists as still “the good people.”

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I don’t watch Fox News so my memory is neither long nor short on what he says. I did just watch the clip and all it did was reaffirm the hypocrisy of most of the Fox News talking heads. Carlson paying homage to the beauty that can be found in our country, meanwhile voting for one of the most anti-environmental Presidents in my lifetime. Of course he doesn’t mean it, and if he does he really must be disconnected to the reality of the environmental abuses that have been heaped on nature since this administration has been in office.

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I didn’t watch that on Fox!!! A friend sent it to test my BS meter. I’m finding it fascinating at how FAST Fox was willing to turn their back on someone who can no longer benefit them!!!

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