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Do you expect any uncomfortable family moments this week?

Asked by KNOWITALL (24582points) 2 months ago

Are there people you are dreading to see this holiday?
Or is there someone you’ll try to ignore?

For those in quarantine areas, is there anyone you are glad NOT to see?

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Not really. Mainly just immediate family, wife grandkids and son. Probably DIL too although they are separated. My son invited his friend over who is also going thru a separation, but I hope he passes on it. Not a bad guy but a real conspiracy freak. I want to eat and enjoy my holiday, and not hear about how Elvis and the Pope shot Kennedy with a laser beam from the moon.

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Nope. It’s just my husband and me here at home. I guess maybe we’ll FaceTime the family on both sides.

We are supposed to visit friends of ours, married couple, for an hour or two after lunch. We’ll be outside and distanced about 12 feet. We visit every so often, it isn’t really a big deal. She seemed to really not want it to be just her husband and her for Thanksgiving so we are obliging even though we aren’t eating together.

I’m just fine not being with family for Thanksgiving. My parents usually come to my house for the holiday, but no great loss that I won’t see them on Thanksgiving. My dad really cares about it, but mostly I find it to be a chore. I’m not sure why it feels more pressure filled than any other night. We just cook for the 4 of us, but for some reason making turkey I feel out of my element and it is more sides than a regular night.

I do feel badly that I won’t be seeing my parents any time soon. I keep thinking how awful it would be if one if my parents dies during this time of anything not just covid. Sorry to be a downer.

My husband’s family usually gets together for Thanksgiving, and we go sometimes if my parents aren’t visiting, but I have no idea if they are doing anything this year. Not that I would go this year. My husband and his siblings weren’t raised in America, so it’s not like they have memories of Thanksgiving that they try to recapture.

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Fortunately I have no obligation to my two sisters after they stiffed me on my share of our inheritance. One is eating at home with her Beau of the month, the other lives in Kansas with her daughter. Good place for her. Not being hateful, I’d still invite them if a I had to. Luckily I don’t have to. Hey, there IS a God!

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Not at all. I get along with my family 100%.

That’s irrelevant though as I’m currently quarantined at work and will be for at least a few more months.

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No, I get along with my family. We don’t argue, even over politics. Even though my brother supported (past tense) trump. But the sad fact is, we will not be getting together this year for the first time ever. It makes me sad, but I want us all to be healthy and alive for next year celebrations.

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No. I’ll be tickled pink if anyone shows up.

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I have very little family left, so I’ll be dining alone. I did have several of my thumper friends invite me to their home for TG & I politely declined. They don’t believe in wearing masks & they were including several family members that I’ve never met. Plus I have NO desire to spend my day hearing how the election has been stolen!!!

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I stopped having any holidays with my FOO over a decade ago, so no. Now I really enjoy my holidays with my daughter and various friends. (Well, not this year thanks to Covid, but most years!)

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The only argument I’m having about Thanksgiving is whether to eat with the neighbors who have invited me or stay safely alone. My father and older brother used to have some rip roaring arguments years ago between my brother’s far leftism and my father’s moderate liberalism. But that’s far in the past. In recent years, since my kids live far away I’ve gone to my cousin-in-law’s family where the only argument is over who can have the last piece of Helena’s apple pie.

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Besides what’s normal?? I’d be glad if nobody showed up!

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Nope. My wife and I usually go to her sister’s for Thanksgiving, but that’s not happening this year. As for my side – I don’t really have family left aside from my dad. And he lives a few hundred miles away and will be doing something with his girlfriend and her people.

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I don’t understand why anybody is getting together with anybody this Thanksgiving, especially if you have young people getting together with old people. I think it’s beyond stupidity.

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^^ Agree

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No. I’m eating with the people in my home and we all get along.

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I expect uncomfortable family moments every week.

We aren’t seeing anyone in person this holiday season. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be uncomfortable moments. They’ll just be over FaceTime or Zoom.

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