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Are there any accusations of Republican vote rigging?

Asked by basstrom188 (3775points) November 25th, 2020

We have heard so much from the Trump camp about vote rigging by the Democrats. I wonder if there have been any accusations in the opposite direction?

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I haven’t found much to suggest any of the attempts by Republicans actually got a vote cast, but there are cases of the president calling for voter Republicans to vote illegally. The pres encouraged people to vote twice, once by absentee then again in person “to test whether the checks work”, he suggested people in Pennsylvania send absentee ballots in days after the election.
There are also the two fellows in PA near a polling place with boxes of fake ballots in their humvee who got arrested because they were carrying firearms illegally. They were going to claim that many fake ballots were cast and that they know because they put them there.

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And Republicans in California put up fake drop boxes for mail in ballots.

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There was a problem in California with Republicans setting up ballot boxes illegally. They said “official“ on them and they were unmanned. The courts ordered them be taken down, but wound up being able to keep them up by taking the word official off and manning them.

But, I don’t feel that was actually rigging, I just feel if Democrats had done it the Republicans would have been saying it’s rigging.

Since the Democrats won the top of the ticket I don’t think they are looking hard for rigging, plus the states seem very confident the vote is good. Additionally, down ticket went to the Republicans in many cases, so that would be unusual cheating.

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Oh – and lest we forget. The attempted destruction of the postal service in the months before the election by Trump appointee DeJoy. And then Trump trying to delegitimatize mail in voting. Not to mention voter rolls purging and gerrymandering.

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There are countless examples from the long-established Republican strategy of actual blatant attempts at vote-rigging by the Republicans, many of them public and not strictly illegal nor hidden but dressed up as security measures against fantasies of fraud by black people, illegal immigrants and Democrats.

It’s challenging to even remember and think of all of them at once, e.g.:

* Invalidating all ballots whose names match convicted felons, even though that means you tend to eliminated several black men for one felony record.

* janbb’s post above this one about appointing a saboteur to head the USPS and decommission the voting machines.

* Trying to pass needless onerous voter ID laws that will eliminate as many poor/struggling/black/latino voters as possible.

* Closing voting stations in poor & minority areas.

* Reducing the overall number of voting stations in a region so that people who can’t afford to travel and wait in line for hours

* Suggesting thuggish cowboyesque white guys show up near polling stations to intimidate voters who’d be intimidated by thuggish cowboyesque white guys.

* Gerrymandering the bejeebus out of places.

* Robocalls to targeted demographics lying that if you want to vote by mail, your personal information will be turned over to the police and to debt collectors.

* Trying to the time window when votes can be cast, accepted and counted, again to make it as inconvenient as possible for struggling working voters.

* Questioning the validity of mail-in votes.


“Political scientist Eric Schickler, co-director of Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies (IGS), said an “erosion of restraints” in a “racially polarized party system” has cleared the way for greater use of “stack-the-deck” strategies.

“You hear people talking openly about making it harder for groups to vote — whether it’s young voters or Black voters or Latinx voters — in a way that echoes the Jim Crow South,” Schickler said. “It’s really something we haven’t seen in recent American politics. It’s out in the open, explicit.”

Going back more than 50 years, Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush all sought to galvanize white votes with attacks on people of color — often, though, in subtly coded communication. This year, however, is different. Not only are the racial attacks explicit, as Ross and Schickler say, but they come at time when communities of color are particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic and vulnerable, as well, to persistent episodes of police violence — often committed with impunity. And, they add, Republicans are attempting to use those vulnerabilities to their advantage.


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I figure that if there is any political vote hanky-panky going on, both sides would be as guilty as the other, so it would all balance out.

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