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Can you recommend a nice turntable? (playing vinyl, not DJ'ing)

Asked by Spargett (5377points) September 7th, 2008

I just started to listen to some albums on vinyl for the first time, which I really enjoyed. I’d like to get a modest setup for myself.

Can anyone recommend a nice setup for me? I’m a bit of a “n00b” in this field. This Crosley CR249 looked nice. But seems like almost everything is built with transferring albums to MP3, than actually listening.

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I haven’t had a turntable for about 10+ years, but I still have all of my albums-including the woodstock album. Have you gone online?

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Yeah, I’ve poked around a bit. There’s quite a bit of stuff, which is all over the place (figuratively). I was just curious to see what someone more experienced in this field would recommend, which I can use as launching pad/point of reference for my exploration.

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I got an Ion TTUSBO5 for Christmas. Almost everything I see online about it talks up its ability to make mp3s and that it includes the software to make other types of audio files, etc. It does and that’s great, but it also comes with RCA jacks so you can plug in and listen directly. I thought I’d be burning more of my old vinyl to CDs, but I’ve been doing mostly just listening since I got it.

If you don’t find the exact Ion I’ve mentioned, they make a few more models that are upgraded from the one I’ve got. I’d say just to make sure you don’t get just the USB connector but one that has the audio plugs as well.

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If you want an audiophile-like experience go for the classic: Technics SL-1200 mkIVD (think that’s the right model number)...1200s have direct drive motors, industry-renowned tone arm and weighting, and crystal-synched timing for extra-low wow and flutter. Also, getting into cartridges and stylii-well, that’s where you will spend your hard-earned dough!

The 1200’s generally run in the $600—$700 range, but for their specs are worth it.

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You can also follow up with a fine preamp to warm up that sound…some good places to research would include, crutchfield, and a reputable vendor like full compass.

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