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Does this story about Trump in The Guardian worry you at all?

Asked by Jeruba (51089points) 1 month ago

Trump’s furniture fail: that’s not a desk, Donald – it’s a table for TV dinners

Also this:

‘Mini desk. Tiny hands. Small soul’: Trump mocked for giving speech at little table

I would not be asking what Trump is doing using that little table. I would be asking what he’s done with the Resolute Desk. Can you even imagine what his contribution will be to the tradition of presidents leaving a little note in the desk for their successors?

In fact, now I’m wondering if he’s trashing the Oval Office itself. I would not put anything past him, anything at all.

It’s his own behavior that put this in my mind, so now I’m thinking, what else?

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Eh, I’m not real concerned that he’s pilfered furniture belonging to the People’s House. I just think it’s a signal that he’s given up the ghost (so to speak). He’s not even pretending to run the country at this point. The Guardian is spot on.

As an aside: we once had a “desk” in that general style. I think we used it to put a lamp and some photographs on.

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My pyschological capacity for worrying about Trump is finished. The sooner we make him irrelevant in both the media and our hearts the better.

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Edit: Sorry for the typo “psychological”

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Of course I’m not worried. For one this isn’t in the Oval Office where the Resolute desk is.
I don’t know how he ended up behind this tiny desk, but obviously it was planned. Somebody slapped a presidential seal sticker on it.
I can only imagine staffers now doubling down on the tricks.

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Who cares? This is made up silliness. Like his COVFEFE issue.

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I don’t think it’s “made up silliness” entirely. There is a valid point here. The President of the United States, even an outgoing one, should project power and dignity to his last second in office. This “desk” does neither. It makes him look foolish and impotent.

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@Darth_Algar – he’s going to start thinking about dignity and the serious of his office NOW?

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By now, I doubt if it matters where he sits, what he says or why. I expect him to be mocked and mercilessly so. If for no other reason than to disabuse others from ideas of his behavior as permissible.

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Not in the least. That does not, however, mean this is made-up silliness.

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He certainly deserves merciless mocking.

But what I was thinking, late last night when I read those stories, was immediately: why is he hiding the Resolute Desk? Has he spray-painted it, taken an axe to it, moved it to a barn on its way to a bunker in Florida? What doesn’t he want us to see? He’s somewhere other than in the Oval Office because why?

I don’t think anyone would care if he pinches those hideous drapes. But the desk . . . I just don’t think it makes any sense to assume he’s going to treat any aspect of his office with respect as he departs. And we already know that “unthinkable” has no meaning when it comes to Trump.

We shouldn’t let our guard down before Joe Biden takes the oath (and not even then, because Trump has undoubtedly planted political time bombs). A wooden desk is not the point; paying attention is.

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@Jeruba For my mental health, I am ramping down the anxiety on Trump for now even if you are right. There is enough to manage about Covid and the pandemic.

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@janbb, you are right, and I wish I could do as you do. I’d be the person on your trans-Atlantic flight whose white knuckles are keeping the plane in the air; I can’t let go, or we’re all going down.

I salute all who are feeling more relaxed now, and wish I could too. Keeping a watch on things is the only thing that does let me breathe a little better.

Also the very fact that I can’t do anything about him is a kind of relief, because it means I don’t have to. For a little while, though, it takes my mind off other things.

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Not sure why you think something has happened @ to the Resolute Desk, @Jeruba…?

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Wake up Darth, wake up!!

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@Darth_Algar is crafting a response in his dreams. ;-)

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Uh-oh, he’s gone. You guys were too noisy.

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Not at all.

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FWIW, a quote in The Independent attributed to Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, refers to the Soon-To-Be-Ex-President:

It’s just sad and pathetic that the president of the United States has become just some sad internet troll…

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