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So, how was Thanksgiving in your place?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18398points) 1 month ago

Did you have a good time? What did you do?

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Had a good time once I got home. Great meal and most of the Grand kids there. Only issue was they all came out to the driveway to greet paw paw (me) when I got home,.and all four of them wanted to carry something inside for me. The two girls got my lunch bag and thermos and the older boy took my coat. The little guy (two years old) started crying because he didn’t get anything to carry..poor little dude. But I solved that by giving him my car keys, told him that was the most important thing because they were too heavy and making old paw paws arm hurt. He got a big smile on his face and took them in to my wife..Problem solved. An important service that child rendered (eye roll). LOL Him’s a good baby boy!

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Went outrigger canoe paddling with my wife in the morning around a near by lake. Smoked a turkey in our Webber BBQ in the afternoon

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It was a nice peaceful day full of gratitude.

Baked pies in the morning, then my 20 something kids and I went and saw my almost 97 year old mom. They then went to see their mom while I came home to cook.

Cooking this year was easy since I had most of the sides from a good restaurant, all I really needed to cook was the bird, which came out perfect.

This year I had dessert while on a room call with my girlfriend and her family, since they couldn’t gather.

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Great! I got to roll around with two dogs, and the neighbors Great Pyr’s. Honestly it was good seeing my uncles family but they give me crap about living in fear (masks, no touching.) They also included that in the prayer. Made me uncomfortable.

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Peaceful. Quiet. Missed kids.

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Ended up having a wonderful day. Thought I’d be alone all day since my plans were for outside dining with neighbors and it was supposed to rain all day. Turned out that the rain stopped and I was able to have appetizers and prosecco outside with them and then went home with a turkey platter when they went inside to eat with friends. Another friend had done a drive by bouquet on my doorstep earlier. And I Facetimed with my son and then had a Zoom get together with most of the rest of my family at night.

Pretty terrific!

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I guess my Washington family did some Zoom Thanksgiving. No one thought to include me so I yelled at them!

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Thanksgiving at the house of Demosthenes was nice, even if it was reduced. It was most of our immediate family, minus my sister, her husband, and their kids. They celebrated their own Thanksgiving at their home, but we did Skype with them. Other than that, it was fairly similar to Thanksgivings past in terms of food and watching Miracle on 34th Street afterwards. :)

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Wife and I only, I cooked a turkey breast and we ate it.

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Good. My husband and I had a Thanksgiving lunch and then went to visit with friends of ours (a couple) for two hours sitting outside, distanced, catching up on things. I also FaceTimed with my parents and sister also. Two separate calls.

I cooked, but managed to do it all in an hour and just one pot and two pans got dirty. Cleaned up everything after lunch in less than 30 minutes. I was really happy about that.

Oh, I did make dessert the night before, which took an hour. That was three bowls and a few measuring cups and spoons. Most of it I put in the dishwasher except for the baking dish I washed by hand.

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Thanksgiving at the Strauss Hauss was…different.

The wife and I did our usual specialties, mac & cheese, dressing, candied yams; we also did orange rolls.

I spatchcocked and grilled the turkey. First time ever, and it came out moist and tender.

We had drive-by meals for 13, including the four that live here. It was good. We got to visit shortly with all, but no large gathering. I had the privilege of cleaning up the kitchen mess. Oh, joy!

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I’m glad that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving despite the pandemic :) It ended up not so dreadful as we thought right?

I especially like @Nomore_lockout‘s story about the kid. That’s hilarious and sweet at the same time!

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I stayed home with my daughter all day. A friend brought turkey with sides from a restaurant, in the afternoon and we ate that, so I didn’t put the ham into the oven until around 6. I didn’t make any sides, except cornbread, because we had the sides from the restaurant. Another friend invited me to her house for dinner or just dessert. It was going to be just her and her husband and two adult sons, and we see them all the time but I just didn’t feel like going out. My plan was to stay home and so we did. In the evening, I watched some Netflix.

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The kids pigged out on leftovers. My 13 year old grandson couldn’t believe we made everything from scratch, and nothing came out of a box or foil packet.

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A bunch of people I know didn’t make turkey, due to not liking turkey and feeling like why make it just because it’s traditional, if they really don’t like it. Also, friends were saying how much they (and me, too, so it’s “we”) enjoyed not having to travel.

Only time will tell but I wonder if Thanksgivings in the future will be different, because of people not cooking and doing traditional things and maybe wanting to stay home more, too.

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Maybe so but it won’t hurt my feelings any. I’d as soon stay home and pig out. And now that our two older grandkids are married adults with their own lives it would be damn near impossible. We all live close by but still three different towns. And the younger ones who live with us aren’t good travelers. Are we there yet are we there yet? I always tell them oh, about 4 more hours. Lol My wife always tells me oh shut up Tim don’t tell them that. They are whiney enough as it is.And that two year old is a damn Banty rooster anyway. Hit his 10 yr old brother with a plastic spatula the other day because he wouldn’t put the TV on Spongebob. LOL

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