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ISight Camera Help?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 7th, 2008

My iSight Camera light won’t turn off on my MacBook. Anyone no what to do or have had this problem??? HELP!

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I’ve had a machine in the shop with that problem, as sudden as it came, it stopped.

Btw…not running any app. Using the isight right ?

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Correct. I think I should try turning it on then off. That might help But I’ll try. Like I just turned the computer on then the iSight wouldn’t shut off. Without apps open.

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We’re watching you…

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There’s probably a process running that’s accessing the iSight. Look in Activity Monitor and you should see something that you had closed, but that didn’t actually stop running (or something that started without you asking it to start).

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But I mad sure that whenever I turn on my computer nothing opens. And since I just turned it on Well I wasn’t sure. But I turned it off last night and turning it on now I see it is of. And yesterday I was using the iSight all day. That might have something to do with it. So I don’t know it is fine.

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If it happens again, give us a full list of running processes. I’ll look at it and see if I can tell you the culprit.

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If it happens I will. Thanks.

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