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How come the right accused Obama of being a dictator when he wanted to install universal health care, but have no problem with Trump installing martial law to get the election overturned?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19580points) 2 weeks ago

I don’t get it.
One is to help millions of uninsured Americans finally get health care they could afford.
The other is a serious blow to democracy.

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For the same reason they have no problem with deficits when it’s a huge tax cut for the rich but all of a sudden have a huge concern for it when it comes to bail out money for the poor.

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Because almost everyone is a hypocrite and blind to their own political side.

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The logic here seems circular – the question is basically, “Why do some people make extreme statements, and then continue to do so?”

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Because most people don’t use their minds to decide what to believe or do. They decide emotionally. Then they use their brains to defend or rationalize their emotional decisions.

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With the Right Wing its do as we say, not as we do.

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Obammer wanted that dang sochlist heath care, and thats comminisim, like them nice Republican fellers say. Real Murcans dont need no hand outs. You must be that lumberjack feller ol’ Cletus learned me about. Always hangin’ round these parts with that pal of yours, that Stanly B Uppity feller. Now skeedadle! ;)

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People do not always act in their own best interest.

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While there are some issues with your premise (Obama was implementing a Republican plan to enrich health insurance companies – not provide universal health care), your point is taken. Keep in mind that the right sells anyone slightly less-right than them as “far left” in order to create confusion, shift the overton window (successfully), and co-opt fears of socialism built by decades of capitalist propaganda to their advantage.

Obama, an objectively right-wing capitalist with a knack for bombing the shit of of people while sounding polite and professorial, was painted as a radical left-wing dictator by Republicans because that’s what they do. You could run Trump as a Democrat and he’d be described as a communist thug dictator. It’s not about about policy.

But don’t get hung up on the whole “hypocrisy” thing. It’s not a strategy that’s going to get you anywhere. It often traps people into adopting the framing of the right in order to try to “catch” people in hypocrisy. It ends up an amoral principle-less pursuit that is more like a sport or game.

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So true You could run Trump as a Democrat and he’d be described as a communist thug dictator. It’s not about about policy.

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Hypocracy. No stranger to the GOP.

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It is called the Halo effect. You see your friends as good and enemy’s as villans.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Thank you for reminding me of that term. GA.

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I don’t know where you’re getting your facts from, Obama never wanted to implement universal healthcare, he routinely criticizes social democracy as being “far left”.

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@rockfan Democrats and Republicans were both saying ACA was a compromise to work one step closer towards socialized medicine. Some used the term universal healthcare. I think you’re right that Obama never said it, I think it was more the citizenry putting that on him.

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I definitely don’t think ACA was a compromise, it was more of a straight up Republican healthcare plan. A public option is the compromise.

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@JLeslie – It was not a compromise. It was a gift to the health insurance industry and considered a “Republican” plan until Obama endorsed it (remember “Romney-care”?). It was in no means “one step closer towards socialized medicine”. It was doing quite the opposite.

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Well the ACA wss not a gift to the insurance companies. Quite the opposite. Some small insurance companies closed down rather than loose the revenue the ACA laws would cost them.
They could no longer deny coverage over prexisting conditions, for example. So if a person with end stage cancer applies for coverage they have to accept them, even though it will probably cost the company more than the person pays in premiums.

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@Dutchess_III Small insurance companies get eaten by the large ones all the time. I remember my sons life insurance policy that we got for him since he was born, has been changed at least 4 times in the last 37 years. The last 10 has been with prudential. Which has been around for decades so that’s not going anywhere. The large companies get large contracts. About 20 years ago, there was a small health insurance company with great rates that my husband’s job went with. It was all great on paper but the truth was they kept finding reasons not to pay out on bills for workers. There were so many complaints that the company went back and had to sue them to pay up and then went to another insurance company in the meantime. Small insurance companies don’t bring in the big money to pay the medical bills and usually lose out in the end. Don’t kid yourself. A lot of these small companies would’ve closed their doors eventually because of the rising cost of medications and medical care.

The ACA would’ve never been necessary if those two things didn’t continue to climb faster than the stock market and insurance companies didn’t continue to cut back on life-saving medicine or treatment because they wouldn’t be richer as they raised the cost of health care to the consumer while giving less. Before the ACA, I know our health insurance kept going up yearly and we kept having to pay more out of pocket.
Then you throw in the employers who didn’t want to or couldn’t provide insurance. Those employees couldn’t afford to pay for health care. Huge companies would charge an arm and a leg for you, the more things you had. My sister had asthma and hasn’t needed help for asthma in years her history combined with being older made it impossible for her to get health care before the ACA.
Then lets not for get the medical discount services that some people think it’s health insurance but it really isn’t. They just have an agreement with some doctors that the person can pay a discounted price but the bulk of your medical cost is still out of pocket. The discount insurance company only pays a tiny portion. Maybe 5 percent or something to the doctor. But the rest comes from you.

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