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How to get comment on Youtube?

Asked by panspermia (308points) September 8th, 2008

i am one of the youtube’s user. Sometimes i added videos as my favourite and when i comment the video i get that your comment replied. If i dont add the video as a fave can i still get that message? there any add-ons or program about youtube which can alert me?

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I thought that you’ll get a mail if someone replied on a comment you made, without adding it as a favorite

At least I think that is what you asked…

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I think I know what you’re saying… You’re asking if a video needs to be favourited in order for you to see and replies to a comment you left on it? The answer is no – if you post a comment and someone replies to it (on any video), you will be notified on Youtube.

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you can still get the message

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Go to Account Settings > Email options , then check “Automatic email notifications ”... you will know what to do from there…

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Choose a provider which guarantees your video won’t be removed or your account won’t be banned.Mixing your views with extra likes, comments and subscriptions: this will make the growth in viewership seem more natural.
Post comments on any and every video you watch. Especially on little-known videos; because the person who posted them will appreciate it. If you want to critique, the rule of thumb is for each thing wrong you suggest you need to compliment two other aspects.

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