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How do I clean an electric skillet?

Asked by socialfly26 (212points) January 6th, 2021

My dad just gave me a electric skillet and I need to know how to clean it. Can I wash it my sink or will that ruin it?

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Don’t put it underwater, scrub with soap and water. Rinse and turn it upside down to dry.

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Did your skillet come with a set of instructions? If it arrived new, it surely did. Find that instruction booklet and read it carefully.

If for some reason you don’t have the instruction booklet, see if you can separate the dial and cord from the pan. If it can be separated, then it can be washed like any other kitchen item. If the dial and cord cannot be separated from the pan, then you must not immerse in water, but wash as described by @Tropical_Willie

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@snowberry Has the right idea about following the manufacture’s cleaning instructions. If you don’t have the instructions, but you can find a model/product number, then a quick Google search usually will turn up a digital version. E.g. “model 123xyz manual”

I would also agree that submerging the thing in water is a bad idea.

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Do not immerse in water is the cardinal rule and cannot be over emphasized. And of course if the cooking surface is at all coated with anything synthetic, no abrasive metals may be employed in cleaning.

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This site details how to clean a non-immersible skillet. One thing it says is that your sink needs to be large enough to safely turn your skillet inside the sink so you can rinse it properly.

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Unplug it first.

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I clean mine with paper towels so as not to ruin the plumbing.

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