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I haven't seen someone lately.

Asked by smudges (7582points) January 15th, 2021

I’m wondering about someone who hasn’t been here in a while, but I think I can only mention their name in a post, not in the title, and only on a positive note. I was looking at old threads and suddenly saw this person’s name and realized I haven’t seen them recently. I hope this isn’t deleted since I’m honestly just wondering if this person is ok.

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This should be in Meta but why don’t you mention their name now in a comment and we can answer.

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Ok, it’s aster. Sorry, didn’t know it should be in Meta.

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I haven’t seen her recently either. She was gone for a long time, came back after some personal happenings and now has not been around for a while again.

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If I remember right, she was last here in November. Maybe she’ll be back again. Thank you!

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Maybe a jelly is in touch with her outside if fluther. I’d like to know she’s ok also.

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Mr. Grimm too.

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Flo too.

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@jca I was thinking about him a while ago. Hope he is ok…

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Grimmy isnt into politics and I know a few people are on sabbatical until it calms down a bit here.

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Wulfie hasn’t been around either, I thought maybe the cops got him for participating in Jan6th.

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I find it interesting that both Aster and Flo went MIA at the same time.

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@SQUEEKY2 He’s taking a break, although he did message to razz me about my Chiefs this weekend losing to his Browns…haha!

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I haven’t seen Mr. Bromide from Answerbag and Answermug. Also the Anonymous witch. Does anyone know how either of them turned out?

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@Flutherother, who had a fish icon, and was British—he’s been gone about 14 months and was fairly regular before that,

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@Yellowdog Flutherother is fine. He just got tired of Fluther and left.

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To say nothing of the others that we otherwise should say nothing of.

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johnpowell hasn’t been around lately either.

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@janbb,his profile page says he was looking in on the 13th.

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What about Science Chick?

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@Yellowdog If you mean that woman who lived in Norway, she’s been gone for a long time.

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