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What are some funny alternate versions of "Pascal's wager"?

Asked by ragingloli (50598points) January 15th, 2021

Pascal’s wager states, that the potential cost of not believing in god is so great (spending an eternity in hell) and that the potential cost of erroneously believing in god is so miniscule, that it logical to believe in god, just to be on the safe side.

So here is my version:
Daleks, as you all know, have no way of climbing up stairs.
We should therefore immediately rip out all accessibility options in the public space that are installed to accomodate disabled people, like ramps and elevators, because those make it easy for the Daleks to reach their victims.
By removing all the accessibility installations, we would save humanity, when the Daleks invade.

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Not exactly funny, but I’ve been watching analysis on Marquis de Sade lately just analysis. I have never read any of his books. Basically Sade proposed that there was no God, and belief in God was delusional because there was just no guarantee that staying “moral” could bring any good thing, as evil happened everyday and there was no proof that a moral person could get away from harm an idea heavily propagated in his book called Justine. There was only one logical choice: to be ruthless and rise to the top of the food chain so that you could avoid being abused and enjoy being the abuser at the same time.

His entire philosophy can be summed up like this: the potential cost of believing in god is so great (being stepped on, abused by those of higher power, dying from natural selection) and that the potential cost of erroneously not believing in god is so miniscule, that it logical to not believe in god, just to be on the safe side.

Sade and Pascal would have a great time debating with each other.

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I appreciate the philosophical nature of the Q, really, but I got a bit stuck on this…

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Voila’ -

Engaging in frequent outrageous humping with random partners may or may not result in better emotional and mental health.

But if the alternative is becoming an online troll and political fuckwad, the intelligent choice is to get sexy and stay sexy.

De rien.

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My dad had a nightmare once, where he died, and went to heaven… and it was full of appalling fake TV evangelist types along the lines of The 700 Club

With that in mind, it seems to me that a wiser version of Pascal’s Wager would be:

Pick a spiritual or religious cosmology that feels right to you and that you would actually LIKE to be true, and live accordingly.

That way, if it turns out to be accurate, it’s actually good news, and not some twisted perversion of original Christianity designed to control people through fear, peer pressure and toxic shame. And meanwhile, you get to live your life in accordance with what feels authentic to you.

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Yes, in the newest Dr. Who movie Daleks can fly.

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