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Is there any hope for the Republican party without their white supremacists?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24143points) January 16th, 2021 from iPhone

Do you suppose they are as great a detriment to right wing causes as the “radical left” is hindrance to the Democrats?

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They’re both objectively right-wing parties. So the Reps only have white supremacy, nationalism, xenophobia, and traditionalism to offer. Dems don’t offer a material alternative, but they need to appear as though they do.

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Love your Topic ! ;>)

The only way they GOP could rid themselves of the Proud Boys and the like is to agree with Democratic on Gun Control.

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There is hope for the party but only if it splits in two, which I think it is on the verge of. The supremacists will have to pick a side, probably the same (extreme/Tea Baggers) side. (My best guess.)

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I don’t know. Sometimes it seems like the radical right helps Republicans, other times it seems like “establishment” Republicans are very resistant to it. It’s clear the Democrats resist the radical left, but the embrace of the radical right seems to be more split among Republicans. Trumpism is very popular, though, so it may be the future of the Republican party.

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Ask it the other way – is there any future for the republicans with their white supremacists.

We progressives should thank the Trump terrorists for displaying the true identity of the right wing. Lefties will be feasting on this for years.

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^^^There is no future for the republicans with white super racists.

White super racists are a minuscule part of the Republican Party and an embarrassment to all Americans in the U.S.A..

White super racists are evil monsters.

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I think anybody who “feasts” on the riots with schadenfreude has something wrong with them.

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It also most certainly won’t be “lefties”.

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They can’t survive with the WS. People are jumping ship.

I think they can revamp and win local elections. Especially in the north where Republicans tend to be more socially liberal, if the Democrats go too left some Independents might vote for Republicans and help keep the party alive.

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Trump has 33 % support today, and 60 % against him as President.

He has single handedly ended the GOP !

Colin Powell has left and the list goes on . . . .

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Not really, if they were only fiscally conservative they’d have a chance, but as society progresses, it’s going to be harder and harder to reconcile the misogyny and religious hypocrisy.

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White super racists are a minuscule part of the Republican Part

The majority are just regular racists.

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^^ I saw what you did ! ^^

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Well considering the trajectory of the Democrat party on racism, I’d say there’s always hope.

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Political parties are the civil equivalent of sports teams. When they start losing, they restructure. Sometimes that means changing leaders, sometimes it means changing which constituencies they appeal to, and sometimes it means completely changing their policies (remember, the Republicans used to be the liberal party in the US). But given how our electoral system more or less ensures that we will have exactly two major parties, we should always expect the Blue Team and the Red Team to survive one way or another. They just won’t always survive in their current form.

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I remember in 2015 when Hillary lost (the electoral vote), there was a lot written about how the Democratic party is over (despite the fact that she won the popular vote). Now, the same is being written about the Republican party.

Amazing, because if Trump just played his cards right, he could have had the second term like he wanted. Instead, he was an idiot (no surprise there) and the whole thing went up in flames.

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@jca2 EXACTLY. Not, only was it being said that the Democratic Party would break apart, but for a few months leading up to Election Day 2016 the country felt confident Hillary would win and the Republican Party would split apart.

A lot of people have amnesia that this conversation comes up all the time. I see it mostly as conversation to fill time on the 24/7 news cycle.

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@gondwanalon “White super racists are a minuscule part of the Republican Party”

Yet they’ve been embraced by the leader of the Republican Party, who in turn has been embraced to a cultish degree by the Republican Party.

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“ get up with fleas”

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