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Is senility setting in?

Asked by Strauss (22938points) January 18th, 2021

Short term memory has never been a strong feature for me, and I’ve always been on the somewhat clumsy side of the physical spectrum. I’ve also developed a neuropathy in my left hand that has added to my clumsiness.

My wife worries that these are symptoms of senility. She thinks these issues are becoming more intense. I think she’s noticing them more since we’re both home 24/7 due to Covid.

Is there an objective way to tell if her worries are valid?

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Can you draw the face of a clock without looking at it and put all the numbers on it? Then draw the hands to reflect 2:30.

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I you feel comfortable going to your GP, they can give you a quick mini-mental test. One of the questions is the one @chyna references above. I was worried a few years ago and the GP gave me the test.

I’m a little more worried now since in the past week I couldn’t initially recall the last names of Janis Joplin (!) or Martin Scorsese. But I’m hoping it’s pandemic brain.

The neuropathy doesn’t sound like an indication of senility but may be a symptom of something else.

Ger thee to a doctor!

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Obviously, the best would be to be evaluated by a doctor. You might be able to do it on a video call if you are avoiding the doctor because of covid. Here is a website for you with information.

Here is a website with the mini-cog test to help evaluate memory.

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@chyna I can do that with no problem. Thanks.

@janbb I know the reason for the neuropathy. The only reason I mentioned it relates to additional clumsiness. Thanks.

@JLeslie Your links are much appreciated. I’ll definitely be checking them out.

I’ve been seeing my Primary Care doctor regularly for years. My next appointment is in April, and I certainly intend to discuss this with him.

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